Working Out From Home? Remember This Advice

Working Out From Home? Remember This Advice

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people opt to work out from home instead of at the gym to decrease exposure to the virus. From YouTube workouts to clearing space for equipment or even renovating a room into a home gym, those who have a passion for fitness have been making it work despite the pandemic and are achieving the satisfaction of a good workout while being completely safe.

If you have been working out from home for a while now or are just starting, it’s always important to remember the following:

Schedule Virtual Time With A Personal Trainer:

Many gyms have the option to participate in classes from home as well as schedule virtual appointments with a personal trainer. A home workout is a great thing when done properly. If you are first starting out, it would be wise to have an expert to help walk you through a workout specially made for your success. This will ensure that you are doing each technique properly as well as handling the equipment correctly which will prevent injuries. A personal trainer will help to keep you safe during a workout and will always be developing your plan as you continue to improve.

Seasoned veterans of the gym can benefit from the use of a personal trainer too as they can help you identify and correct areas that could be improved on through a different method. It is always important to remember, beginners and experienced alike, to consult with your doctor if you are feeling any new pain. It could very well be the result of not doing your workout properly.

How does a gym setting motivate you?

It can be so hard to get yourself to work out from home after a long day of working at home! Of course, a change in scenery can be motivation in itself to work out but what else about the gym, other than its location, helps to motivate you? Is it bright lighting? Maybe the sense of community or good music? It could even be as simple as watching the TV as you run on the treadmill at the gym. At least, that’s the case for me!

Whatever makes you feel good at the gym, try and incorporate it into your workout at home. If you like chatting while walking the track at the gym, call your friend on your next walk around the neighbourhood. You could create your own workout playlist with all of your favourite songs to pump you up. There is also no shame in putting your elliptical in front of the TV so you can watch Netflix while working out. Incorporating the aspects of what you like about the gym into your home gym setting will help to motivate you to complete your workout.

Try Something New:

Working out from home is the perfect opportunity to try a new style of training that you always wanted to or, perhaps, feared might make you feel silly while doing at the gym. You might just find a brand new favourite way of working out! Zumba, hip hop workouts, and yoga are all easy to do from the living room and you can build up your confidence as you practice from home. Once it’s safe to attend classes at the gym again, you should have no problem showing your skills front and centre in the next Zumba class!

While it would be so nice to go to the gym right now, it’s best to minimize exposure when we can and that means working out from home. The tips above will help breathe new life into your workout routine to continue to motivate you as you improve your fitness.

Photo credit: Derick McKenney.

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