Winter Makeup Trends 2019

Winter Makeup Trends 2019

Autumn 2019 was all about pretty ’90s pastel eyeshadows and oversised fluffy eyebrows, but winter will soon be arriving, which means it’s time to steer your glam game in a new direction – one that can support your dark winter wardrobe.

Some of your favourite trends will be sticking around (yes, you can keep your neon eyeliner), but mostly, you’ll be swapping the sunkissed glow for heavy metals and grungy smokey eyes.

Just in time for the revival of your cashmere sweaters and booties, here are the coolest fall makeup ideas that are trending right now.

Shimmery Gold

Sultry gold lids are a staple in fall beauty, but this take feels much more 2019. Use a lighter shade of gold to brighten up your eyes, then layer a hint of inky shadow around the outer corner just for drama’s sake. Watch this makeup tutorial on my IGTV.

Coloured Liner

Let’s face it, shades of brown, bronze, taupe, and black (AKA the staple colours of fall fashion) can get boring real quick. Try a swipe of neon on your lower lashes when you are in desperate need of bright colour. Balance it out with a heavy black wing on your upper lashes.

Lined Lips

Go for a 1990s-inspired makeup look to go with your all-’90s wardrobe. Line your lips with a pencil one or two shades darker than your natural lip. Smudge it inward, for a natural fade, then top with a high-shine gloss in a matching colour.

Cherry Red

Every fall we do red on the lips, but if you’re looking for a big change, try the hue on your lids. Smudge on a deep cherry pigment, then top with neon red liner for an artsy touch.

Matte Red Lips

Now that your makeup won’t melt off your face the second you walk out the door, it’s time to revive the gold lip. A bright red matte will make you look put-together in seconds – even if the rest of your face is totally bare.

Smokey Bronze

Name a more fall makeup look, I’ll wait. Dark copper eyeshadow will totally elevate your favourite smokey eye for the new season.

Neon Corners

A full neon lid can be a bit much for the darker tones of fall. If you’re still craving a pop of colour, try dusting your go-to summer shadow just in the corners of your eyes.

Subtle Smoke

A super light dusting of a smokey shadow makes a classic charcoal eye feel elegant, not costume-y. Polish off the look with false lashes for added drama.

Winged Eyeshadow

Pump up any look with a little dragged out shadow. Just like your eyeliner, use tape to get the perfect straight line.

Light Brows

You’ve been going heavy with the eyebrow pencil for the past few years, but lately, celebs like Bella Hadid and Rihanna are embracing more subtle arches. This light brow will give you a retro feel without the fully tweezed look of the 90s’.

What makeup trend is your favourite?


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