What to Wear for A Date? 5 Outfit Ideas

What to Wear for A Date

Selection of the outfits for your date can be a stressful situation for you. Even 30 minutes before the dating meetup you may be struggling between your choices and thoughts. This is supposed to be a stress-free and comfortable experience. You have only 30 seconds to make a first impression and your outfit should be eye-catching and standout.

Therefore, I recommend you to try out the following 5 outfit ideas and relax your mind on what to wear for a date question dilemma.

Puff Sleeve Top

Yes, 80s’ puff sleeve tops fashion trend is back. The puff sleeve tops add an extra feminine impression to your overall outlook and your shoulders will love the extra space for air. The best feature of puff sleeve tops is they help you to create a slimmer waist illusion because of the oversized shoulders.

You should select a puff sleeve top which is made with light fabrics. Moreover, you can pair your puff sleeve top with a jean or a midi skirt. But it is not mandatory to be a puff sleeve top, instead, you can select a puff sleeve dress to be the extra charm on your date.

pu leggings outfit idea

PU Leggings

There are several ways to wear PU leggings on your date night and they are not limited. Some of you may assume that these leather leggings are uncomfortable to wear and style. But Pu leggings are a must-have outfit for your wardrobe. The plus point is that these leggings are warmer than the other fabrics such as cotton and linen.

For a date night, you can pair your PU Leggings with a sequin jacket, white tee while giving an advance look with high heels.


Jumpsuits play a versatile role when it comes to date nights. It does not matter what kind of date you are going; you can wear a jumpsuit for every moment. Yes, yes, you don’t need to wear only slinky dresses to look good! But you should be careful about the pattern of the jumpsuit based on your body type.

If you are a shorter person, I recommend you to wear a jumpsuit with vertical lines along with heels. it will make you look taller. On the other hand, if you are a taller person you can wear flat sandals. Hence in a cold-weather, you can wear a jacket over your jumpsuit and add an extra vibe to the total elegant look. We recommend horizontal stripes printed jumpsuits to be avoided if you think you are a bit fat than you are supposed to be.

Glitter Crop Tops

Glitter Crop Tops

Some of you may not have the confidence to go for a glitter crop tops because it is considered as a high-profile outfit. But you can gain confidence by dressing it down with black chinos pants or a ripped boyfriend jean.

On the other hand, you can emphasize the shine on your silver or golden glitter crop top by pairing it with a solid colour midi or short skirts.


Off-Shoulder Tops

If you love to show more skin on your date, the off-shoulder tops with jean is a great choice. If you are going for an off-shoulder crop top it is recommended to pair with a long maxi dress because I do not recommend you show off too much skin on a first date.

But how am I going to keep it in place without falling down is your biggest fear right? You can solve that issue by choosing the perfect fit for your body and make sure you can move your arms well, elastic supported off shoulders and use safety pins.

Another low-key outfit idea is to wear your crop top with a black flowy short and black high heel. This would protect your feminine look while protecting the elegant vibe at the same time.

Do not forget to fill your wardrobe with them and get ready.  Be confident and try these outfit ideas on your date night and make a good impression.


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