Finding an answer to the question “What career is right for me?” has become more difficult in an economy where many are losing their jobs. So how can you make a good decision?

Choosing a career has always been difficult. When you leave school or college there are plenty of people wanting you to follow their advice. This includes parents, teachers and careers advisors, all of whom tend to recommend good, safe jobs.

You will have your own dreams and passions, often in fields which are not traditionally considered secure. But these days even the secure jobs are no longer secure.

So what can you do to choose the right career?

  • It is a balancing act – you want to find a career which fulfils your aspirations and your obligations. So while you definitely want to focus on the areas of work which interest you most, you may find that you have to make some compromises along the way if you are to pay the bills.
  • Make a list of all the careers which appeal to you and then check how well they rank in the current economy. Areas which are experiencing a growth at the moment include computing, looking after elderly people, childcare and employment.
  • This reflects various trends, both economic and demographic. Computing jobs result from the increased use of technology and the fast pace at which it is developing. Improved healthcare and nutrition means that we live longer, which results in more old people in need of care. Problems in the economy lead to the need for careers advisors and recruitment specialists. And many young families need two incomes to survive, which leads to a greater need for childcare.
  • There are also areas of work which aren’t affected by the economy, particularly healthcare and education. People still get sick and still go to school in a downturn.
  • One advantage of technology is that it is now much easier to find out which careers are blossoming and which are in decline. So you should spend time researching online to see if your ideal career is thriving.
  • Another important point is that because we live in an age where change is much faster than ever before, new careers are springing up all the time. So an in-depth search could uncover some interesting ideas which you had never thought of.
  • Once you have discovered a few careers which fit in with your dreams and have a reasonable chance of survival, dig a little deeper until you find the one which is best for you.

If you have to compromise, be sure to find another way to keep in touch with the missing elements. This is especially important if you’ve had to reject a big passion like acting, painting, writing or music when choosing your career. Remember that just about everyone changes career several times over a lifetime. So keep your dreams alive as spare time interests and always be on the lookout for ways to use them to make money. Something which starts as a sideline can turn into a full-time career.

Make it count! I have also written an article about choosing a career that means something to you

“So many people are incredibly unhappy with their career choice in life that a change is the only option to make them feel that life has some meaning (albeit a third of the time). When we choose a career, we’re not always thinking about what’s actually good for us, but rather, the more lucrative aspects. But, even if you get a job that pays incredibly well, are you going to feel fulfilled at the end of the day?

Ultimately, when it comes to making any sort of career choice, we have to think about our thoughts and feelings and choose something that means a lot to us. But how can we choose a career that will fulfill us and make us feel at the end of the day that we have achieved something?” Click here to continue reading.

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