Top 5 Outfits 2015

Top 5 outfits 2015

I was very excited to see what are the top 5 outfits 2015! I looked at my analytics and was very pleased to see that many of my favourite outfits were the most popular ones. This means that my readers truly understand and support my style, have similar fashion taste with me and are stylish people in general 

New Look Grunge collection

Grunge and the City

I’d like to talk with you about one of the main fashion trends of Autumn – grunge. What do we know about grunge? For me, grunge is not only a sub-genre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid-1980s in the American state of Washington, particularly in Seattle. It’s also oversized denim jackets, messy hair, dark make-up, suede and leather clothes, heavy boots, sunglasses and lots of partying. READ MORE!

Lime silk jumpsuit for summer

Lime Silk Jumpsuit

Horray! So far this lime silk jumpsuit is my favourite summer outfit of the current season! I’m very glad to finally find the perfect jumpsuit for myself. Normally, I struggle to get myself a jumpsuit or playsuit, because they often have a little short pattern of the bodice. That’s why I don’t feel quite comfortable wearing them. This Zara wide-leg jumpsuit has a perfect fit for me: it elongates my silhouette  as well as compliments my relatively small upper part of the body, thanks to the wide-leg pattern and open décolleté.  If you are looking for a good nice fitted jumpsuit, have a look at the wide-leg jumpsuit’s options and choose light-weight fabrics, such as silk, or chiffon. READ MORE!

Back to school

Back To School

I’m very excited today because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, even though I’m not a child, I’m still very excited about this day. This is my day, right? I do what I want and free to have an extra slice of cake (*or two…who knows!?). Back to my childhood, my parents would always organise a great day for me with friends, toys, games, competitions and lots of fun. I always liked my birthdays and couldn’t wait to see what my mum and her girlfriends prepared for me to make my day the best day of the year. READ MORE!

midi pleated skirt

How to Style a Metallic Skirt

So, how would you style a Mermaid outfit, what do you know about this creature? While creating this look, I really went into thinking about mermaids, their lifestyle and the way they look. A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Their tale is shown as sparkling and glittery in movies and cartoons. They normally have tiny waists and very long hair to-die-for. READ MORE!

Check trousers and check jacket Oasis

Sunny Days in London

You all know London is my favourite city! I love it for all the exciting opportunities for my fashion and beauty blog, for all the press days, flagship stores, incredible architecture, lots of green parks, talented people, a variety of restaurants, afternoon tea rooms, awesome night clubs and bars… Should I continue?! And what I DO like the most, is when the weather in London is actually sunny. Good for us, it doesn’t happen only at Summer. London’s weather being good to us sometimes in winter as well, like just yesterday – 1st December. READ MORE!

I hope you liked my selection of top 5 outfits 2015. You may also like to see my Christmas Party Outfits roundup!


Is there any other outfit from My Looks that you would love to include in this Top 5 outfits 2015?

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