Thomas Sabo Jewellery Box

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Box

If you like to organise your jewellery and accessories, I’d highly recommend having a look at jewellery boxes – for example, black and white striped charm box. Due to the big minimalistic trend in fashion, this is not only a practical jewellery box but also a stylish addition to any fashionista’s collection!

Thomas Sabo Charm Box

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Box Review

Thomas Sabo jewellery box is made of high-quality cotton fabric (*white and black striped pattern) and decorated with neat metal details – silver clasp and the base of handle outside and a little handle inside. It’s very practical that this jewellery box has a mirror inside.

For me, this feature makes it easier to travel with a box, because I can use a mirror to do my makeup, as well as look in the mirror when choosing a necklace or other accessory I want to wear.

This box has a double bottom and a plurality of compartments for jewellery and watches. In total, this jewellery box has 7 compartments of a different shape. I’d say you will be able to store your favourite watches, 4 sets of jewellery including bracelet, earrings and a small ring, 4 bigger rings and up to 6 pairs of earrings in this charming box by Thomas Sabo.


It doesn’t matter if you have only 5 items or 500 (*or 5000) beauty products it always helps to know where to find a thing. I would suggest getting a small make-up case if you have a nice and small collection of make-up essential. It’s good to keep everything in one place. If your collection is bigger and you have a selection of everything – a couple of foundations, primers, mascaras, lipsticks, palettes and so on  – I would highly recommend to organise it by departments.


Anyway, box overall is made with high standards, as well as all the Thomas Sabo products. The interior of the box is made of soft fabric, that will protect your jewellery from scratch.

As a conclusion, I should say that I’m really happy to have this stylish and very practical jewellery box. It does not only look gorgeous on my dressing table and reflect my current minimalistic obsession but being a good keeper of my jewellery. 

I’d highly recommend to my readers to have a look at Thomas Sabo jewellery box if you were looking to buy one!

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