Things that are making you look older- and how to deal with them

Things that are making you look older- and how to deal with them

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has posed some…challenges… on everybody across the Globe. 

This has played havoc with our physical and mental health in significant ways. So it’s bound to have taken its toll on our looks as well.

Sadly, many of us are feeling sluggish from eating too much homemade banana bread or drinking way more coffee than water. We’re spending, overall much less time moving, and stress has taken over a lot of our lives. All of which plays its part in how we look, sometimes making us look older than we are.

Here are some of the most common factors that age us and the things we can do to turn the aging process on its heels. 

Not Drinking Enough Water 

The first, and probably most important on the list is always going to be water. Not having enough H20 in our bodies can be bad news. 

Drinking caffeine and alcoholic drinks dehydrate us just as much as not drinking anything at all. 

The body is over 70% water, and we lose some of that water when we sweat and use the bathroom, so it needs to be topped up regularly. Water is the only truly hydrating drink there is. When you’re hydrated, you feel more awake and your skin will glow bringing you that youthful look that you desire. So fill up a glass and chug! 


We’re sleep-deprived

Most adults need eight hours of sleep per night to perform the functions of a stressful day, but with a need to unwind after a stressful day many of us average less than six hours of sleep per night- not to mention if stress keeps us wide awake at night. 

A lack of sleep not only messes with our vibe for the day but can make us look older than we are. Think of large dark circles under our eyes. There is a range of products for dark circles that will help to cover them up, but nothing beats getting enough sleep to put the zing back in our step as well as reawakening our natural glow. 

We’re skipping our fruit and vegetables

Plant foods are good for us. Junk foods do way more damage to us than just our waistlines. Highly processed foods such as crisps, cake, white bread, and pasta can spike your blood sugar levels. Spiked sugar levels that crash down rapidly cause inflammation which causes havoc with your face. 

We’re taught when we’re young that eating a diet that is balanced will help us to grow to be big and strong. As we get older we need the vital nutrients to keep our bodies functioning at optimal levels. If we don’t get them then we begin to look at how we feel. Aim to get 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day- or at least two per meal.

There are many things in life that can make us look and feel older. While we cannot control a global pandemic, we can control how we treat our bodies to keep us looking and feeling our best. 


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