Sustainable Face Masks – Mouth and Nose Protection Face Masks Made by Me

Sustainable Face Masks

Since my childhood, I’ve been interested in fashion and design. I had a toy sewing machine and used to make all sorts of mini outfits from scraps of fabric for my much loved Barbie doll.

The colourful, glamorous, Barbie adverts on TV always made me think of new ideas for her day and evening wear. After all, she had a luxurious and busy lifestyle, with a wardrobe to match – not to mention a handsome boyfriend. Obviously, I wanted to be a Barbie myself, a princess at least.

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So I pursued the fashion career and completed some courses including makeup, style, sewing & garment manufacturing, I undertook one-to-one sewing and pattern making classes and finally had a chance to enter a Fashion Design degree.

I was offered a place in Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts for a Fashion Design (Bachelor’s).

Because I was very advanced with my skills and knowledge I was moved to the 2nd year after 2 weeks by a Director of the course. Life showed me that if I work hard I will be successful.


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Sustainable Face Masks

I use this model now when creating the sustainable face masks and I see that my efforts payback.

All I want now is to contribute to the knowledge and skills I have to stop the spread of
the virus.

These masks are made of high quality 100% cotton, which means they will not irritate the skin and are eco-friendly.

All materials including main fabric, lining, the thread are 100% cotton. You can wash them at the high temperature and iron too. And please do so when you receive them and after using them.

I work in my masks all day long. They are very comfortable – & becoming softer when you wear them for a little bit.

Can you just imagine how many synthetic masks are thrown away every day at the moment? This is crazy!


Now, we are entering a very rough time. Only very disciplined and “fanatic” people will survive. Lockdown is the best time to audit your skills & knowledge and fill in the gaps.

If you have lost your job or income (like me), you are of course allowed to stress about it. But give yourself a couple of days and get back on track.

Remember, overnight success only happens to those who worked many nights in the row without moaning!

I hope the virus and crisis will end soon.

But in the meantime, we need to transform ourselves and be ready for a new challenge that life brings.

The world will never be the same again! You can buy my face masks online by clicking here.

Love your lots, Yuliya.

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