Start Your Life from Scratch. Warning: We Get Personal!

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Let’s face it, sometimes it’s time to start your life from scratch. It’s not the easiest decision in your life and, certainly, a very difficult thing to do. A couple of months ago, I reached a point in my life and job, where I felt trapped, unhappy and stuck. I constantly felt worried, drained and under the pressure. Fortunately, I am a strong person and I was able to figure out that I was not at the best place in my life and I HAVE TO change it. Right now.

Today I share my tips on how to start enjoying your life and become productive again. As well as how to identify that you actually have to move on with your life. 

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Start your Life from Scratch

‘Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I built my life’, – J.K. Rowling. Think about it, sometimes you have to sink down to the depths to find the energy to skyrocket back up. If you want to start a new life when you’re at rock bottom, start making improvements that allow you to stabilize your income, quit bad habits, organise your space and think proactively. I have noticed that taking care of your body and mind throughout the process will also make it easier to start fresh again.

Hard is trying to rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clue as to where all the important bits are supposed to go, – Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down.

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What can I do first to work toward a new life?

Firstly, you need to find and connect with someone who will genuinely listen and care – a mentor. This might be anyone –  family member, a friend, a blogger, a partner, a therapist, a book, a blog etc. It does not always have to be a person, listen to yourself and feel what/who actually helps you.

This might be hard at times, but don’t give up until you find this mentor and can pour out your heart to them. But be careful, you need to find somebody who will lift you up instead of telling you about their problems instead. Remember, your life is precious, so cherish it and realise that you deserve to work it all out the second time around.

Secondly, try to find a job or a hobby that gets you back into the community doing something. Rely on your faith if you have one, or read widely about inspiring people and incredible moments in history.

For example, stories of successful people inspire me the most, personally. If they are still alive, I try to reach out to them and get the advice. Their experience and wisdom always helps me. Also, a new relationship always inspire me too. I like to learn from my partner’s experience and see if I can implement his expertise in my job, too.

In case you were going on a date, check this article about what to wear to a date at the art gallery. Feel free to just dress up and go to an art gallery on your own. Who knows who you can meet there?


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How do I start a new life when I never had a life to begin with?

Create one! Follow these tips: Have a place to stay, start looking for a job if your old enough, if not go and get an education, play sports, find a hobby and some new friends, etc. If you want to start fresh, save money to take baby steps toward a big change. You can start a blog to capture your journey and see your progress.

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Startup Your Life. Warning- We Get Personal! plettenberg bay beach signs it's time to take a step forward in lifeHow do you move on with your life?

10 Signs it’s time to Take Step Forward in Life

Often, people can be prisoners of their own concepts, choices and ideas.  This is how countless intelligent people waste the majority of their lives.  It’s sad, but true. It’s hard to admit that the way you’ve been doing things for the past decade or more has been holding you back. But at some point, if you want to be happy and successful, you have to face it. Have a look at these 10 signs and check if there is anything that is restricting you from having a life you desire.

  • You have spent a lot of time recently thinking that you are not good enough
  • You are trying to satisfy other people / follow common trends too much
  • You complain a lot or have noticed that people around you complain to you often
  • You blame everyone / everything for your failures
  • You have been focused on not failing recently rather then succeeding
  • You convinced that the only result is a positive result
  • You stay where you are because of the inner fears
  • You believe that others are better than you
  • You’ve been actively resisting a change
  • You are feeling down / not sleeping well / feeling apathy. 

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By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible. Those who have cautiously done no more than they believed possible have never taken a single step forward, – Mikhail Bakunin.

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How Do you Move on With Your Life?

The past is a memory that has happened already. You can’t change the memory, but you can change your emotions about it. Please understand that, although it can sometimes be difficult to move on, you’re wasting your life when you spend too much time living in the past. Unfortunately, you cannot change the past. But, luckily, you can be in control of you future!

Several years ago, before moving to London from Ukraine, I was working with a life coach. I knew I am going to move to a new country and start my personal life and business from the scratch there. I knew I wanted to have a new happy life – love my job and enjoy life in general. The biggest lesson I took away from the coaching sessions was that I have to let the past go and focus on the future. It helped me so much to start controlling my emotions about the past painful events in my life. I have learned that future is exciting, it is fascinating and incredible if you let yourself to move on.

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It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure, – Ernie Harwell.


What is the first step you are going to take to improve your life today?

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    Insightful post. Pray God’s best for your life and new beginnings!

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