Slogan T-Shirt Fashion Trend History

Slogan T-Shirt Fashion Trend History

Dennis Nothdruft says that

“The T-shirt is a really basic way of telling the world who and what you are.”

Moreover, when you customise these T-shirts with a slogan, you are being creative with a cause. We have seen history where slogans and words play a vital role in bringing nations together and making them standing for a cause. Therefore, a slogan T-shirt is also named as a political T-shirt. In history, banners and play cards had been utilised for baptising slogans, later T-shirts took their place.

When Was The First Slogan T-Shirt Used?

The first-ever slogan T-shirt was used in 1950 during an election campaign. So, we can say that it was the first political T-shirt which latterly knew as a slogan T-shirt. Thomas E. Dewey was the president of Republican Party in the 1950s where he ran a campaign “Do it with Dewey”.

Instead of printing this slogan on play guards and banners, he printed T-shirts with this slogan to run his campaign. He is known as the first-ever person to use a slogan T-shirt for his cause. It was the time when T-shirt printing was not as bigger industry as it is now.

Black Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee

Black Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee.

First Time When a Famous Company Used Slogan T-Shirt?

It is later 1950s when a printing company named Tropix Togs, officially printed Slogan T-shirts for Walt Disney Cartoon Company and printed their cartoon characters on the shirts. It was the time, when slogan T-shirts were noticed by people and industries realised, how much they can earn by doing so.

Black 'Life's a Peach' Slogan Crop Top

Black ‘Life’s a Peach’ Slogan Crop Top.

Slogan T-Shirt and 1970’s Time:

In 1970, everybody was aware of the power of a slogan T-shirt and it was the time when people used it as the best medium to spread their messages. They called it a medium by using which a person can reach his voiced over the board and there were many political, non-political, or revolutionary campaigns in which Slogan T-shirts were used.

Black Give In To Me Print Tee

Black Give In To Me Print Tee.

Slogan T-shirts and Their Use in Running Movements in History:

When people understood the importance of the slogan T-shirt and started using it as a powerful medium to spread their cause or message, many incidents happen where these shirts played an impacting part. Some Famous incidents or movements where the slogan T-shirt played the most prominent part to run causes were:

  • Punk movement in 1970
  • To file protests against the Vietnam War in 1975 used by Nothdruft
  • Walt Disney Cartoon Character printed T-shirt for marketing
  • Do it with Dewey Movement Slogan T-Shirt used by Thomas E. Dewey

White Sweet But Psycho Print T-Shirt.

Bottom Line:

From history until now, Slogan T-shirts are being used. Instead of portraying a political message, they are also used to portray a personality by Americans and the rest of the people. T-shirts are based on very comfy fabric and even comfortable stitching worn by all age groups and genders equally. Therefore, they are used very well to portray one’s point of view when nobody is ready to listen.

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