Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Sooner or later every person faces the dilemma of whether his current job is where he or she’d expect to be five years ago. It might be paying well, and the team of co-workers might be humble, cooperating people, but that dreadful feeling of unhappiness you feel crawling at the back of your thoughts is still there. Perhaps you’re not at the place you’re supposed to be. Perhaps there are many other factors keeping you there.

There would always be excuses if you’re seeking them. People quite often delay any type of positive change by postponing it by a day or a week. The source of that is mainly the fear of the unknown, a feeling deeply pre-programmed into our brains. The truth is you will never be able to truly fulfil your desire unless you break the comfort zone barrier. Thus I am presenting you with the most frequent signs you should quit your job:

  1. You’re Feeling Contempt Towards Most of Your Daily Tasks

That’s the single most obvious reason; there is no science behind it. If something isn’t going well, then you’re feeling unhappy, meaning there should be some change in your lifestyle that also extends towards your career. Perhaps you feel your capabilities and skills being limited by the type of work you are executing, or maybe you’re just not being shown the respect and honour you deserve, the list of possibilities is practically endless but the rock bottom is when you start wondering how in the world you’ve managed to end up where you’re at. That should be the breaking point telling you it’s time for a change.

Just keep in mind that the fault might be in yourself and try to change your mindset before taking a major decision. If the problem is somewhere deep within your character, then changing the place of work might not be the solution you need.


  1. The Overall Environment is Purely Tainted

That oxymoron wasn’t random. You might be happy with your overall activity, however, there is so much more to the working environment and overall pleasure while executing tasks.  For some reason, narcissism has almost become a virtue, leading many managers to think that they could treat people as they wish. The way your organisation is structured is quite important as well. The corporate structure is slowly dying towards a more evenly based hierarchy tree. It’s important that you share the values and the direction towards the company are developing as well as the possibility for self-improvement.


  1. You Were Hired for a Different Type of Work

Often people get hired due to their specific qualification yet end up doing something completely different. There’s also the other extreme of people doing exactly what their qualifications are, but their natural abilities are something completely different, leading them to hit the emotional brick wall. Sometimes what you love doing and what you’re good at are two different things and making a change is not something shameful.

If any of those signs you should quit your job hit the bulls-eye, then perhaps you should be doing something else with your career.


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