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Sequined jacket how to style

This week on How to style I am talking about sequined jacket and sequins in general ! How to get it right and how you can get it sooooo wrong! I personally think sequins are fabulous, however, they can be very tricky to wear for a number of reasons.  

It’s not Christmas

You look like a 12-year-old at a birthday party

They can be uncomfortable and itchy

(*you’ll be glad to hear that the outfit I’ve put together has neither of the above issues!)

How do I style a black sequined jacket?

I found this fabulous sequined jacket at a second-hand store called Deuxieme. The store sells high-end designer brands for half the price (*or even less)! When I saw this jacket, I knew I had to buy it as sequins are so trendy in 2016. As for all the reasons stated above I was originally a little nervous to buy it. I didn’t want to look like a 12-year-old or it to be uncomfortable (*I’ve had that experience in the past!). I tried it on and fell in love with it. This sequined jacket’s black sequins are not overbearing and make the jacket look expensive and sparkly. Its silk lining means no nasty scratching (*soft as a babies bottom). As the Jacket is a stand alone item, I didn’t want to go overboard with the rest of the styling. I have paired it with a black suedette skirt and H&M sleeveless top with a ruffle detail. I chose all black for this outfit as I wanted the jacket to be the standout piece and I didn’t want to overdo the styling. I added this Dorothy Perkins faux fur white handbag. To add a hint of vintage to match the jacket, but also to bring it back into today’s fashion, I’ve chosen these Little Mistress feathers boots, high heeled and made out of suede. Why did I Style them together?  

I styled these particular items together as each one of them has a slightly different texture, giving the outfit detail and depth. For example, the black skirt is made from suedette giving a different texture to the outfit, while the sleeveless top has a little ruffle detail on the front making the outfit unique and different without going over the top.

What else could I match my black sequined jacket with?

Another way to style this vintage black sequined jacket would be with these black culottes  paired with a Cream Turtle Neck Long Sleeved Top . Why not try these NAOMI Buckle Sandals, £56 from Topshop and you’ve turned vintage into chic!

Check out how I style an outfit for a day at shops!

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      Thank you, Tania. Red lips are always gorgeous. I think all the girls should have their perfect red lipstick.

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