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my poolside essentials

Today I’d like to share with you my Poolside Essentials kit to give you an idea and inspiration of what’s needed to protect you from the sun and keep comfortable and what’s gonna make your day by the pool nicer and joyful!

When I’m planning to spend a day by the pool, it’s very important for me to take everything needed to protect me from the sun. I love sun and I love being outside in a very hot day, but I understand that sun’s rays can damage my skin, hair and eye vision. Therefore, apart from taking a couple of bikinis, I make sure to pack a straw hat, sun protection cream and sunglasses.

Poolside Essentials

I recently found out about a Soltan suncare brand by Boots. When my boyfriend and I were travelling to Tenerife last September, he explained to me what is important in a sincere lotion. I was very surprised that this brand provide you with an excellent protection and very affordable at the same time. You need to make sure that your lotion has SPF factor as well as an UVA protection. UVA rays causes a deep-skin damage, if you don’t use a protection. The scale for UVA is from 1 star to 5 star. When choosing a sun protection lotion, cream or spray, make sure you get one with the most starts available. Sultan products were awarded a 5-star UVA protection, which is the best.


The second factor you need to pay attention is a SPF factor. SPF refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which cause sunburns, but not UVA rays, which are more closely linked to deeper skin damage. Both UVA and UVB contribute to the risk of skin cancer. I always go for a minimum of 30 SPF in the first couple of days on a sun and 15 SPF during the rest of the holiday. Make sure you re-apply a sun care cream every time after swimming or every 1-2 hours. Basically, you will want to read an instruction and just follow them to get the most protection results.

FYI: I always thought that ‘the more expensive cream, the better protection is’. I can now say that it’s not always true. You always need to read the instructions and product descriptions before buying a product. I still like to use my Dior Bronze suncream. It moisturises a skin and has a really beautiful iridescent in it. Your skin looks fabulous on a sun, that’s true! In future though, I will buy a more affordable cream, such as Soltan, when I finish this bottle.

Straw Hat

My next must-have product by the pool is a straw hat. I’m 27 and I understand that I need to protect my face skin even more now. I’ve noticed that last year my skin gets very de-hydrated and dry sometimes, so I need to pay an extra care to protect my skin. I always wear straw hat by the pool or on a beach and apply sun lotion on a face as well. *Companies promote separate lotions for face moisturising and protection, but I wouldn’t recommend to buy a specific cream for face. It’s basically same thing to me, just in a smaller bottle and normally even more expensive. If you are concerned that body lotion may be too heavy for your face skin, jut make sure to exfoliate your skin in the end of the day and you’ll be ok. Don’t spend unnecessary money!


Don’t forget to wear sunglasses. They not only protect your eye vision, but protect your skin around the eye area from ageing. I don’t think you want to have wrinkles often! My sunglasses choice for this season is Prada sunglasses. Its pentagonal frames are an unusual and unique shape, while the tortoiseshell is reminiscent of sixties style.

Apart from having poolside essentials, I always take some extras with me. I’d also say that they are must-haves, but you don’t have to take them, if you don’t feel like.


I always pack some sort of hair spray with me. My hair is very dry at the moment, because of the highlights I’ve done, so I need to take extra care about my hair. This year I took Lee Stafford Coconut Spritz from Coco Loco collection with me to South Africa. I like the coconut smell of it + it protects and softens my hair. Little extra care never harms!

Sometimes I take hand cream with me. I choose Molton Brown hand creams. They aren’t greasy like sun lotions, they absorb well and moisturise the skin properly. That’s very helpful for the once, who want to read or browse an Instagram by the pool.

Lip balm is very important to have with you. When you are spending much time on a sun, your skin gets very de-hydrated. Therefore, you need to make sure you have any sort of lip care with you. My choice for this vacation is a Kiehl’s lip balm with pear scent. It protects lips well, lasts forever and smells nicely.


We all know, that drinking enough water is very important. It gets even more important on a sun or in a hot climate. For example, yesterday it was +44C degrees in South Africa and I’ve drunk around 6 L of water. I know, it sounds crazy, but I accomplished them easily, because it was truly hot! My bonus idea for you is a water infusion. Here is a recipe I use here in South Africa. Just mix this ingredients and wait for 30 mins before drinking:

Water 2 L

3 lychees

2 cm of ginger root sliced

half a lemon sliced

some ice

I hope you will enjoy your holidays and use this little Poolside Essentials guide to enjoy your days by the pool even more from now on! You may also like to find out what do I recommend to pack for warm countries, which will give you a good idea of what do you need to take when travelling to warm weather countries starting form underwear and finishing with an outfit ideas for any occasion while travelling!

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