Pestle & Mortar Launches in Marks & Spencer

Pure Hyaluronic Serum pestle and mortar

When you’re stocking up on life-essentials like underwear, food or fashion items, it would be the ultimate convenience to be able to add your  favourite daily skincare products to your basket too, right? That’s why Marks & Spencer have recently added Pestle & Mortar products to their skincare offering. With a skincare department that promises to cater to all skin types and resolve all skincare problems, M&S and Pestle & Mortar are a perfect fit.


About Pestle & Mortar

As a busy mother-of-five, Pestle & Mortar co-founder Sonia Deasy came to understand how difficult it can be to find a skincare routine that is simple and effective. She became determined to create a system of no-fuss, easy-to-understand skincare products that would produce cumulative benefits with consistent use.


Sonia’s heritage inspired her philosophies for Pestle & Mortar. Her Indian Grandfather was the medicine man in his village in India. With Pestle & Mortar, she ensures that the ancient natural healing wisdoms of her heritage are used to help people to wake up with beautiful skin. Sonia launched the brand with a single product – a Pure Hyaluronic Serum which has since become the brand’s iconic product. Today, working closely with her team of cosmetic chemists, Deasy fuses natural healing principles with science to produce products that solve the problem of ineffective skincare. Currently, there are 8 products in the Pestle & Mortar range, each the recipient of numerous beauty awards.

Pestle & Mortar Cosmetics


Pestle & Mortar’s less-is-more ethos extends throughout every aspect of the brand from product formulation through to packaging design and dispensing mechanisms. The brand offering has been hailed as a refreshingly simple solution to skincare that de-codes confusing multi-step routines, and provides targeted skin benefits through the use of high-performance technological actives. According to co-founder,  Sonia Deasy:

“Everyone deserves to wake up to skin that looks and feels its best.  Skincare shouldn’t be complicated. What you put on your skin everyday should provide cumulative benefits and you ought to feel confident that it will cause no harm. I created Pestle & Mortar so that people who care about how their skin looks and feels can trust that what they are putting on their skin is pure, safe and highly effective.”

Growing Distribution

Pestle & Mortar has recently exploded onto the global skincare market. Following in the wake of their launch in Bloomingdales New York, the brand is excited to announce a much-loved stockist closer to home that also caters to everyone, everYday. Marks & Spencers are now stocking Pestle & Mortar products in-stores across The UK and online at

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