Pamper Yourself: 5 Best Tips for a Spa Day at Home

Pamper Yourself- 5 Best Tips for a Spa Day at Home

The dynamics of our lifestyle could be quite exhausting at times. Life on the move could induce higher motivation and productivity, but every now and then we should slow down and spend some time relaxing.  Going to the SPA is a good idea but why spend a good chunk of money on something you can accomplish by yourself?! I have decided to gather a list of pampering ideas for a restful day at home.

Five Best Home Spa Day Ideas

Get Ready to Refresh Your Spirit

#1: Get Ready to Refresh Your Spirit

Your body needs to hydrate, during the entire day you should be drinking water with slices of lemon, orange or cucumber in it. That makes the drink more refreshing. Next, put a relaxing music on. Choose what you like. However, classical music is proven to have the best effect to make a person ease up. Also, don’t forget to light the scented candles and change into a bath robe or something cozy. Beginning your SPA day at home with this will lift your spirit up.

Steamy Hot Bath

#2: Steamy Hot Bath

Start filling up your bath tub with hot water. If you don’t have a bath tub, then just take a good, long shower. Use cruelty-free bath salts or shower bombs with natural minerals. Those will help your body detox and relax. When you use the body wash, take the time to scrub any dead skin away. That will rejuvenate and smoothen your skin.


Don't Forget to Nourish Your Hair

#3: Don’t Forget to Nourish Your Hair

After shampooing and using a conditioner it’s time to make you a nice, good quality hair masque. You could make one yourself with honey, olive oil, egg yolk and an avocado. Their natural effects will moisturise your hair, help strengthen it and reinforce follicles. The mixture will seem weird and the application will most likely be messy, but it’s worth it. Your hair will become as smooth as a baby’s skin.

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Hydrate your Skin Generously

#4: Hydrate your Skin Generously 

Use body lotion or balm. Once you are done with your bath, towel off and rub some body lotion on your skin before you are completely dry. My personal preference is one that has natural cocoa butter, as it helps soften and hydrate the skin, but also improves its elasticity. Not only that, but you will smell lovely. Obviously, get an scent-free cream if you don’t want the smell like a fruit or flower. In any case, make sure that your skin is a little bit damp before applying as this will ensure that it will absorb more moisture.

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Bananas for Your Hands

#5: Bananas for Your Hands

Soften your hands up. You can make an all-natural cream, using a few products and a blender. Pick up a spoonful of a hand or body cream, few drops of lavender oil, two drops of tea tree oil and a spoonful of banana oil and stick them in a blender. Once the consistency is smooth apply it all over your hands. Slip the hands into disposable plastic gloves or something similar, to ensure maximum efficiency of the mixture. Voila, now you can chill out in front of the TV while waiting to reap the effects.

If you don’t want to make your own hand mask, just use your favourite hand cream and relax.

I hope that our home spa day ideas have attributed to your relaxation and have helped you refresh your spirit.


Would you like to do a SPA day at home?

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