My South Africa Luggage

South Africa Luggage

Oooooh yes, finally it’s time to plan my South Africa Luggage! By the time, when this blog post goes live, I’ll be in South Africa already – having a photoshoot with zebras, who seem to come to our house very close as my sister says or sipping some iced tea in a swimming pool and lounge area… In any case, I need to organise my luggage now, so I’ll be able to enjoy swimming pool, lounge area, huge comfy bed, breakfasts with my family, traveling around Kruger Park and having safari to spot The Big 5!

I really enjoy traveling, because that’s a great opportunity to see some new countries, photograph my outfits in new locations, show you different cities, have some rest, enjoy an exotic cuisine and learn a little more about the country. I have a very weird feeling this year to go to SA because for the first time I’m traveling there to stay in the family’s house. It’s weird to have a house not only in Ukraine where my parents stay, not only in London where my sister and I live but also in a very different, warm and exotic country. In addition to this, I feel very excited to stay in Kruger National Park and be the closest neighbor to elephants, giraffes and animals like this. (*I’m actually still trying to get used to squirrels and foxes in London…)

What To Pack For South Africa

It sounds like I’m going to have many activities in SA this year. I guess I need to plan all my outfits and beauty regime in advanced, so I’m ready for any occasion. I will be aiming to take a small amount of clothes and show you how you can create many outfits with a capsule wardrobe. I’m not quite sure, if I for REAL will manage to take a little bit of clothes. My A LITTLE BIT OF CLOTHES may be a huge amount for somebody, just because I’m a fashion blogger. But I promise to try my best!

(*Because I’m going to the house, not the hotel this time, my beauty and skincare set will vary from the traditional. I will create a separate blog post about it as well. I think it may be useful for people, who is traveling to warm countries!)

I would like to create a structure of what do I pack for South Africa, so it’s easier for me not to get lost and forget something. Please, feel free to use my template, when packing for a warm country. Let me know, if there is anything you would include in this South Africa Luggage guide! I would love to know and gain some more experience in planning my holiday’s luggage.

cosy home clothes for warm contries

Home Clothes

Because I will be sharing a house with my family, I need to pack some comfy clothes for chilling out in the lounge area, watching tv and having breakfast with a family, staying in my room and things like that. If you are travelling somewhere to stay at your friends house, feel free to use this list or check out my sleepover essentials!


Cotton dress/playsuit or T-shirt/vest and shorts

Socks or slippers

swimming pool essentials

Swimming Pool Must-Haves


I always pack 3-4 bikinis, because I like to change to a dry bikini every time after swimming. I always recommend wearing a dry swimsuit. You feel more comfortable this way; wet swimsuit may irritate sensitive skin; wet swimsuit is more likely to stretch and lose initial shape quicker.


It’s actually going to be a first year, when I take a hat with me. I really think that my skin and hair need extra protection now. It doesn’t hurt to free some space for a hat in your luggage, but it will make a huge difference to your hair and skin. Sun may be very damaging to our skin and hair.

Beach bag or backpack

We all need some sort of tote bag to pack out sun creams, water, extra bikinis, book, phone, lip balm, sunnies…

Flip Flops

Elongated T-shirt or beach dress

I like to have these with me, so I can throw them on quickly to go inside, have lunch with friends and family, go to neighbours or open the door for a postman.
bodycon dress with floral print

Clothes for Photoshoots

I really want to shoot some daytime outfits while I’m in South Africa.I stock up a little bit on the summery clothes and accessories lately just to bring something new to my summer wardrobe. I’ve noticed that a majority of people pack only comfortable clothes, when they go traveling. But I always push my limits, because I do take pictures and I want to look stylish and trendy on them. I like to capture locations, but I enjoy creating an atmosphere as well. Clothes and make-up are my best friends in this! Let’s say this particular part of the guide is for fashionistas like me.

 In addition to this, I will pack some glamorous pieces to create a couple of  party looks. I want to show you how you can create some different party looks with not so much of an effort and with a limited amount of fashion items. Stay tuned to see what I’ve packed for photoshoots!

clothes for safari in south africa kruger park

Clothes for Safari

When you go on safari/game, you want to wear something comfortable, versatile and something that can protect you from the sun. The sun in South Africa is very active, so you need to protect your skin and head, but don’t feel too warm at the same time. Therefore, I recommend packing cotton/linen/natural fabric clothes, tops with long sleeves and hoods, leggings or long trousers and trainers. This all will protect you from the sun, bugs, tree brunches…

daytime clothes for south african weather

Clothes for Daytime Tours in South Africa





Backpack or cross-body bag

Duster or long sleeve cotton shirt

This package will as well protect you from the sun, is comfortable to wear during the day, is versatile to sit in the car, climb a heel, go to the lunch and stop by the shop to get some food or souvenirs.


Don’t forget to pack your sunnies, clean underwear, vests to change during the day and socks for the stay.

I hope you liked my South Africa Luggage guide and have found it useful. You may also like to read my Top 5 Style Posts of 2015 to find out some personal style tips, closet/wardrobe organisation advice and more!

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  1. theStyleJungle
    January 8, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    Wow, what a fantastic journey you’re having ahead! Let it be your dream trip:) Will wait for the results!


    • January 9, 2016 / 5:31 pm

      Yeah, I really enjoy my trip. Can’t wait to update my blog with South African pictures and stories.
      Yuliya x

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