Mistakes to Avoid When You Declutter Your Wardrobe

Mistakes to Avoid When You Declutter Your Wardrobe

Do you have a problem choosing items to get rid of without regret? Do you have a hard time sorting clothes to keep and to give away? Making the decision on what to keep and what to give away is definitely the most difficult part of decluttering your wardrobe. And this is the reason why some people don’t even try to do the task.

One way to make the task easier is to know the mistakes to avoid when you declutter your wardrobe. That way you will be able to organise your wardrobe better and decide how you use your available space the right way.

Not Looking at the Bigger Picture

A lot of people fall into the trap of wanting to keep everything in the wardrobe. You spend a lot of time on each clothing item deciding if you want to keep or throw it away. At this point try to remind yourself why did you start decluttering? If you only focus on the negatives of giving out your items, then you will miss the positive things that decluttering brings.

Some of the benefits of decluttering include having a wardrobe full of clothes that you will wear and items that you love. It will also be easier to find things that you are looking for. When you start to focus on single items, you should step back and look at the bigger picture.

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How to declutter your wardrobe

Take on Everything at Once

Another one of the mistakes to avoid when you declutter your wardrobe is taking on everything at once. You will be overwhelmed if you want to tackle everything at the same time. Declutter one segment at a time. Small steps will help you finish the task faster, instead of trying to take on everything at once by removing all your clothes from the closet.

Many people try to de-clutter wardrobe by wardrobe, or shelf by shelf. But I believe it’s more productive to de-clutter by segment. For example, start with collecting all your dresses or shoes in one place. Finish with it and move ahead to declutter the next segment. This way, you will stay focused and have a clearer idea of what you are keeping.

Buy More Organising Stuff First

How to declutter your wardrobe when you continue to add clothes or items to your collection? Before buying more clothing items, you should first remove the items that you no longer want or use. Or, if you already bought the items, get rid of some similar once that you have at home already. It’s my rule: one in, one out.

You should not buy organising products and storage before you fix your space of anything that is cracked, chipped or broken. Some people prepare for decluttering by buying supplies first. But they just end up bringing home items that they didn’t plan on buying. What you should do is to know what is available first, and then determine what equipment you need to organise your wardrobe.


Ignore Clothes That Are Always There

Some people have the tendency to overlook the obvious clutter when sorting their clothes. These are the items that are taken out and placed back in without even checking if you are going to wear it or you still need it. There are some items that become a permanent member in the wardrobe, but you haven’t worn them for a long time. While it might take longer, make sure you check each item and determine whether it really belongs in the wardrobe or in the pile to sell or for charity.

These are the mistakes to avoid when you declutter your wardrobe. By not making the same mistakes over and over again, you will be able to complete your decluttering task in no time. And if start to feel overwhelmed by the task, step back for a second and think why you are doing it in the first place.


What other mistakes you need to avoid when decluttering your wardrobe?

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  1. 14 July 2017 / 5:00 PM

    The biggest mistake I make when decluttering my wardrobe is thinking ”It’s okay, if I get rid of this denim jacket I will have a reason to get a new one”. I simply get rid of stuff to buy more stuff! Not only does this bring me back to square one but it makes me spend money AGAIN.
    I also tend to throw EVERYTHING onto my bed all at once and then go one by one. I lose motivation fast and end up throwing stuff that I could really get some use out of and keeping stuff just because they’re ‘safe’ options.
    Your post really help me though! I will definitely try doing one segment at a time 🙂

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