Making Money with Property Through Renovation

Making Money with Property Through Renovation

When it comes to making money, the property is one of the avenues that a lot of people look at. Money can be made from renting out a property, and money can also be made by buying property and then renovating it with a view to selling on for a profit. You do not need any personal experience of owning property to make it a success. You just need to focus on finding the right team of people who can help you turn any project around.

Finding the Right Property

When it comes to finding the right property, you have to watch your markets as not all buys are good buys, and not all properties are worth what an agent is listing them for. When you look at buying any property for renovation purposes, it is important first and foremost to look at how much work the property needs. If this is your first project, then it is wise to seek the advice and support of suitably trained professionals. Sometimes properties can be deceiving. They can look good from the outside, but once you begin to scratch the surface, you realise that there is damp under the walls and perhaps even parts of the roof missing. When it comes to finding properties to buy, you need to look at traditional estate agents, and you also need to look at auction houses that sell both online and offline.

Renovations and Improvements That Add Value

It can be difficult when renovating a property to know what works to carry out and what not to do. Knowing what will add value and recoup your costs and then some on top can be difficult, especially if margins are tight. However, there are always improvements that can make money, and these are bathrooms, windows, and kitchens.


A nice clean and modern white bathroom suite can lift any space, and a clean, fresh-looking, and fragrant-smelling bathroom will attract buyers. Renovating and updating a bathroom is too much work and expense for most homebuyers, and quite often, if they think it will be too much effort and cost, they will walk away, so get bathrooms and toilet areas looking fresh, clean, and sparkling. Cream suites and brightly coloured avocado suites may have been in fashion at some point, but not at the moment, so replace them with all white.


The windows a house has can change how a house looks and feels. Old, unloved wooden windows or old yellow PVC windows can let down any house. New, secure, and modern UPVC windows will lift the appearance of a property, and they will also increase the overall security that a property has to offer. When it comes to looking at supplies and installers, you have to look at windows West Midlands company World of Windows, which offers highly secure UPVC windows and doors in a range of styles and colours to compliment all types of properties.


The heart of the home but also one of the most expensive rooms in the house to update and renovate. A nice well-fitted kitchen will improve how a house looks and how it feels. Old, small, and pokey kitchen spaces are no good for families. Similarly, old cupboards can bring down any space. A kitchen renovation should be at the top of your list, as potential buyers have to see themselves living in the property and using the kitchen, so it has to be good. 

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