Is It Possible to Declutter Your Finances? Yes It Is

Fixing your finances

You may have become a pro at decluttering your home to ensure a calm, peaceful mind. But the decluttering journey is never truly over. Even if you have found a home for all of your stuff, other parts of your life require your attention. For most, this is their finances. Now, fixing your finances is stressful no matter who you are, and you might not rethink it’s possible to declutter your finances. As it happens, you can. 

Stop Buying New 

It’s always tempting to buy new no matter what you want. Of course, some things are always better when they are new. You don’t want a used mattress or a used birthday card, for example. The thing is, there are so many other benefits to buying used. Too many people associate used with worn and broken, but often, the seller has just upgraded. This applies to smartphones, office chairs, cookware, and furniture. Considering how many people still love vintage leather, you can deck out your new living room with something preloved and very much you, without the usual cost. 

Cancel Subscriptions 

Once you have your new sofa and can put your feet up, it’s time to think about where your money goes. For many, the biggest money drain is unwanted subscriptions. These are services that you don’t use, but the cost is often not enough that you notice. But, £5 here or £7.99 there can lose you more than you think each year. So, go through your standing order and direct debits and locate the source of each payment. If you need to get in touch with your bank to find out more, they should be able to help you. 

Keep On Top Of Everything 

Unwanted subscriptions are often a symptom of poorly managed expenses. A budget is so important in the modern world, though, you need to track your monthly expenses like a hawk. This will help you understand where every penny goes, and you can also conceptualise how much you spend on certain things. You’ll soon realise that you don’t need to get a coffee every morning, or you spend far too much on things that only bring joy for a few seconds. By staying on top of everything, your account will be much more clear. 

Know What Matters Most 

This isn’t to say you should ditch all luxuries, though. It can be challenging to separate your wants from your needs, but you also should adopt a hermit-esque lifestyle. Perhaps you like to unwind with an audiobook before bed. In this case, you can keep your audiobook subscription. Do you regularly get your friends over to watch the games? It’s always better to invest in genuine sports channel subscriptions than relying on dodgy streams beamed from across the English channel. 

A Calm Bank Account, A Calmer Mind 

Money stress is one of the worst things to experience. It can ruin your health, relationships, and even affect your sleep. But, by taking the opportunity to declutter your finances, you’ll be able to breathe easy and not look at your balance with one eye closed. 

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