An interview with digital marketing manager Jessica Keating

An interview with digital marketing manager Jessica Keating

Today I’m so glad that finally, I can post my interview with Jessica Keating – Digital Marketing Manager at Dorothy Perkins. We’ve worked on this project for a while because we wanted to create a useful and fun post for you. If you are a regular reader of Yukova Blog, you might have noticed that Yukova and DP have a strong partnership and create a lot of fashion content for you! And we hope you like it!

Since I first came to the United Kingdom for a summer school at the age 13, I fell in love with Dorothy Perkins. My obsession started with a jumper – I know! Simple jumper, but layers and layers of jumpers of all the possible colours in one store. There was nothing like it in Ukraine. My obsession was real and it’s still real. I love how DP represents a today’s feminine style – a little bit conservative, a little bit girly and very elegant! So, enjoy the interview and let me know what you think in the comment below.

Yuliya: How and when did you start your career at Dorothy Perkins? What was your initial position and how long did it take to become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Jessica Keating: It began at university, I studied a Bachelor of Commerce where I majored in marketing and strategy and followed this up with an MSc in marketing and strategy. During the final year of my bachelor’s degree, I also took a night course in Fashion Design as I wanted to gain an all-encompassing understanding of the industry to help get my foot in the door. Following my masters I took an e-commerce marketing assistant role with a designer brand and from there went on to become a digital marketing coordinator and then a digital marketing manager for two other fashion brands. I’ve only worked with fashion brands and joined Dorothy Perkins / Arcadia Group a year ago as a digital marketing manager.

Yuliya: What does your average 9 to 5 day at Dorothy Perkins look like? What are your main day-to-day marketing activities?

Jessica Keating: No two days are the same! Rather my schedule depends on the time of year and season, for example getting ready to launch the new season campaigns and the Christmas and summer periods.  I cover all marketing channels including SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Display advertising, Blogger and Influencer engagement and Digital PR. In one day I could attend a photo shoot, meet with one of our digital agencies and attend an internal strategy meeting.

Yuliya: What part of the job do you like the most?

Jessica Keating: I couldn’t pick a favourite digital channel which is exactly why I cover so many, but my favourite part of the job would have to be the fast pace. Not only is the fashion industry in a constant state of change but also the digital world. The approach to digital marketing and advertising today is so different from when I started a couple of years ago and will evolve and grow again in the coming years. The constant evolution of fashion and digital is exciting and fascinating and I love being part of it.

Dorothy Perkins Spring 2016 fashion collection

Yuliya: Have you run any marketing campaigns for DP? If yes, what was your favourite?

Jessica Keating: Yes I’ve run lots of campaigns in the past year at DP with my favourite being the most recent which was focused on denim. This campaign was rooted in SEO and came to be the definition of a team effort as it involved a wide range of departments and skills across the brand. The result was a 360 campaign involving an onsite feature and interactive style finder game, a brand video which was shot with our SS16 denim ambassador, a display advertising campaign, an Instagram takeover and an army of top bloggers styling DP Denim thus extending the reach of the campaign offsite.

Yuliya: What is your biggest achievement as a marketing manager at DP?

Jessica Keating: My biggest achievement as a marketing manager at DP has been in demonstrating and proving the value in working with bloggers and influencers. I’ve taken this activity from being a nice piece of additional exposure to being integral to seasonal campaigns and used as the basis of content on the website and across digital marketing channels.

Yuliya: What is the best thing to work for a fashion brand?

Jessica Keating: The buzz of creativity and being surrounded by and working with people who are equally passionate about this industry. I live for fashion and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of working in an environment where I walk past rails of clothes and stacks of shoes several times a day. I love taking a peek at upcoming collections and trying on items whenever I get the chance.

fashion trends spring Summer 2016 red dress

Yuliya: What is your opinion on bloggers role promoting fashion brands nowadays? 

Jessica Keating: I’ve noticed a seismic shift in bloggers being used simply to drive traffic to a site via a blog post to them becoming social influencers and ambassadors for brands in the way celebrities used to be. The growth and power of Instagram within the fashion industry can no longer be ignored and brands, including Dorothy Perkins, have had to adapt their approach to working with bloggers and adjust digital campaigns to incorporate the power of social influence. The collaborative process is now much more refined and often working with bloggers is no different to working with a digital advertiser.

Yuliya: Do you think online shopping is going to get stronger in future and whether social media will be a more efficient marketing tool?

Jessica Keating: It absolutely will get stronger with the help of social media. Social commerce is a huge growth area for the retail industry and will become a far more efficient and effective marketing tool in the coming years with new initiatives and technology partnerships with sites such as Instagram and Facebook. The growth of Snapchat in the industry as a brand engagement tool in the past year has seen some exciting results and it remains to be seen how it can evolve from being an interactive app to a low-funnel marketing channel.

Yuliya: What is your advice for those starting a career at a fashion brand like Dorothy Perkins?  

Jessica Keating: Be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in fashion and the retail industry. It’s a fiercely competitive industry and one that’s difficult to get in to and if you’re not passionate enough you will be passed over for someone who is.

navy suit cullotes and jacket elegant outfit

Yuliya: Is there an intern programme at Dorothy Perkins? How would I go about registering for it?

Jessica Keating: There’s a fantastic programme at Arcadia for recent graduates which recruits for all roles within the industry across its portfolio of brands, including Dorothy Perkins. Check out! 

I hope you enjoyed my interview with wonderful Jessica Keating – Digital Marketing Manager at DP and have found it useful. You might also like to read my interview with Janine Bird – Smashbox National Makeup Coach.

Thank you so much beloved Dorothy Perkins and Jessica Keating for this interview!

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    Wonderful interview. Her job sounds amazing and so fast paced. It’s interesting how digital marketing changes constantly. Great post.

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    What an amazing interview! I love learning about inspiring ladies women in fashion and how they got to where they are. Thanks for sharing, girl!

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    What a gorgeous collection!
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  6. 14 March 2016 / 6:03 AM

    Great interview. It was interesting to see a digital marketing manager’s perspective on how bloggers are valuable these days. It’s great to hear!


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