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MUA Laurretta Power London makeup artist

Hi guys, today I’m very excited to share my interview with MUA Laurretta Power. I’ve met Laurretta at one of the Benefit Cosmetic’s events and fell in love with her personality, creativity and endless love to her work. I’m so grateful to be able to chat with Laurretta about her work and opinion about makeup and beauty industry. See what she thinks!

Yuliya: Could you tell me and my readers a bit more about your background in the beauty/makeup industry? When did you first understand you want to be a makeup artist, what does your career path look like?

Laurretta: My name is Laurretta, I’ve worked as a makeup artist for 10 years, think it’s always something I’ve had a flare for but fell into by accident or fate who knows…. I’ve worked on hundreds of runway shows with some amazing artists and designers, worked with lots of Celebs and heaps of weddings, a few editorial shoots, and the odd music video. I’ve worked for Benefit for 9 years. My roles changed lots over these years, right now I’m a trend artist and it’s my favourite role so far!

Yuliya: Why did you choose to be a makeup artist?

Laurretta: I love my job and I love making women feel special whether it’s a friend going out, a model about to hit the runway or a bride on her big day! I love that makeup is ever evolving with something new to learn every day. I think the creative side is why I originally wanted to become an MUA, but the learning and impact I have on others keeps me loving it still.

Yuliya: What is the difference between applying makeup for a TV shoot and applying makeup for a live appearance party?

Laurretta: For TV I use more wax based products due to the heat from the lights. Lots of primers and a fuller coverage, shoots I play by ear as set lights style of photography and look aimed for are all different. Runways normally less is more with 1 statement feature such as bold lip, detailed eye etc. Party makeup is lighter than TV but depends on the individual and the desired look.

Yuliya: How can you fix a foundation, if you applied a wrong colour – to light or too dark? 

Laurretta: As the foundation is one of the 1st steps in applying base, if a shade matched wrong I’d remove and start again. But normally I’d have tested the shade before applying anything to avoid this from happening.

Yuliya: Have you had a nightmare clients and how do you deal with them?

Laurretta: I can honestly say I’ve never had any nightmare clients, but if I did I’d stay calm, not take it personal, keep smiling and slay that face haha.

Yuliya: How often do you clean your makeup tools such as brushes and combs for work? How does it affect the wear and tear of your tools? Do you think it’s important to keep your makeup and tools collection clean for a personal use?

Laurretta: I clean my brushes and tools for work after every face they touch. It can take its toll if not cleaned with love and care. I think it’s very important to clean my own stuff as bacteria is mostly air born, so for hygiene reasons, it’s really important to me. My face is a walking advert of my work really.

Yuliya: What are your makeup must-haves for summer 2016?

Laurretta: Great brows!

Yuliya: Do you have an assistant when doing a big project? What would the makeup assistant do for you?

Laurretta: Yes, I have assistants sometimes more than 1. Their roles will vary depending on their experience and jobs I need help with. I normally clean my own brushes, though.

Yuliya: Can you agree that makeup and beauty industry is very competitive at the moment? How would you act to get a job in the BIG makeup brand such as Benefit, for example?

Laurretta: I’m not sure if I’d say competitive. I’d defo say the industry is small, but I really think there’s enough room for everyone! I think to get a job with any company be true to yourself and if it fits you, you will get it after all. What is meant for us will never pass us by.

Yuliya: What do you think about Instagram makeup trends: dramatic contouring, glitter, wing liner, over-lined lips etc?

Laurretta: I love Instagram trends I love all makeup all styles types and trends. Even if it’s not my style I still appreciate the technique, style, and love that goes into other people’s work.

I hope you liked my interview with MUA Laurretta Power. Check her Instagram @laurretta_benefit.

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  1. JarOfSweeets
    7 June 2016 / 9:19 AM

    This is so fun!
    Lovely interview!

  2. Nataliya
    7 June 2016 / 7:02 PM

    Yes to amazing brows! I’m also into adding a lot more sparkle to my routine with my eyeshadows. She’s totally right about the foundation- throw all those wrong shades out!! I guess you could use them to contour/highlight though now that I think about it.
    Style Tomes

  3. Tamara
    7 June 2016 / 8:46 PM

    Great interview! She sounds amazing!


    Tamra –

  4. 8 June 2016 / 2:34 AM

    Hi Yukova… This was a well written interview. Laurretta sounds like a talented makeup artist and a fun person. Thanks for sharing.


  5. 8 June 2016 / 7:36 PM

    Her makeup is absolutely beautiful!! I agree, great brows can completely change someone’s face- it frames the face and eyes!
    Thanks for sharing, love your blog by the way!!


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