I Love Sales!

I love Sales

Being a fashion blogger and style obsessed person in general, I need to have a huge wardrobe. Otherwise, I won’t be able to express myself, create stylish outfits and share my style tips. But, being stylish is not cheap. My eyes become round every time, when I go to the shops and see the prices for clothes. Even though, I shop high street fashion most of the times, sometimes I feel like shops are tearing my wallet apart! How do I still manage to have a huge wardrobe, you will ask?! It’s because I love sales, I look for bargains and I know what promo codes are for.

Let me tell you about Love the Sales website I’ve recently discovered. Loves the Sales is a website, where you can shop around 500 retailers all on sale.  It mostly focuses on fashion, but you can also find beauty, home, sports etc. I’ve browsed the website and found very good deals for you! (*and me, oops!).

lulu guinness lip clutchOMG! If you’ve being following me for some time, you would already know that I love red lipsticks. If I think about fashion side of red lipstick, I will suggest you looking at Lulu Guinness clutches and handbags. Loves the Sales have plenty discounted Lulu Guinness (*up to 70%) handbags and clutches. My favourites are Edie Briefcase, £105 (*was £350) and Lips Clutch, £98 (*was £245).

Reiss Winter Coat on sales

I also think that REISS has very good offers. There is a big selection of discounted winter coats, blazers, shoes, trousers and dresses. Worth checking out! Overall, I think Love the Sales can be a good place to shop at. You can find many well-known high street and luxury brands on the website, all at one place. There are many very good discounted pieces. In my opinion it’s a very good place to shop handbags, especially if you want a luxury brand’s handbag, but are on a small budget.

I hope this article is useful for you! I love sales and I recommend my readers and clients to check discounted options before buying a full-priced item. We are living in a World of a very fast fashion nowadays, so a chance to buy discounted item is very very high. You just need to make a little bit of research and hold the fire sometimes.

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