How to Wear Bandana on Neck

how to wear bandana on neck

I’ve loved the bandana trend ever since I saw it. The knotting technique has been my go-to, but I’m definitely going to try the choker next. I hope this look holds out for a little bit – it would add edge to an ordinary T-shirt-and-jeans combo. I share my top 3 ways on how to wear a bandana on the neck. Which on is your favourite? 

how to style a bandana for girls


How to Wear Bandana on Neck

As far as the actual bandana goes, look for something made from a silky or satin material. While you can achieve the look with any old bandana, it leans a bit more luxe if you opt for a slightly fancier fabric.

The Triangle

Fold your bandana in half diagonally and tie the two long ends behind your neck so that the rest of the bandana hangs down in an upside-down triangle shape. A little bit of slouch is key for this look, so try rolling the top of the scarf outward for an effortless, easy feel.

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The Knot

Fold the bandana diagonally again as you would for the triangle, but roll it up until you have a long, skinny scarf. Put it around your neck choker-style and knot it at the front so the ends hang free. Wear the knot slightly off to either side to make it feel chic.

The Choker

Bandanas are the best way to wear the choker trend! Fold and roll the bandana as you would for the knot, and bring it around your neck so the ends hang downward. Cross them over and bring them around to the back of your neck so that the bandana is looped twice around your neck. Tie in a tiny knot at the back of your neck for a choker-esque look.



Will you try to wear a bandana on your neck?

I hope you liked my fashion advice on how to wear a bandana on the neck. If you are into accessories, make sure to check my selection of best affordable statement earrings that look expensive.

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