How-To Style A Mini Dress

how to style a mini dress

Most ladies love to wear a mini dress because of the sexy, and stylish look they add to the
overall appearance.

But the selection of the right mini dress for each one can be a complicated objective because of the variety of choices available in the market.

Moreover, it is hard to find matching accessories as well. We all picture the accessories we are going to wear with the new dresses we are going to purchase. But we should be unique and gain attention than the one next to us.

Here are a few tips to be unique and stylish with your mini dress.

1. Mini Dress with Cowboy Boots

If you love mini dresses and cowboy boots at the same time, we recommend you to try them
as a pair. The boots will make your body less exposed while giving you a stylish look. This is
especially suitable for petite women. To get a killer look, you can wear a leather jacket on top of the mini dress as well.

2. Mini Dress with a Blazer

For a bold look, pick a contrasting blazer which is comfortable for you. A blazer will add a style to your feminine look while giving you warmth. Moreover, you can try a solid colour dress with a patterned blazer or other way round.

If you need a casual look you can wear a sleeveless blazer and flat shoes as well. This combination is suitable for casual occasions such as hanging out with friends.

3. Maintain Your Legs Moisture

Mini dresses expose your legs. Therefore, you should keep your legs well shaven and moisture at the same time. If your legs give a dry look it will negatively affect the overall appearance of you.

Do not forget to carry a moisturiser in your bag and use it throughout the day when it is necessary. Moreover, makeup also can be used to get the moisture look.

But some women do not like to wear mini dresses because they think that their legs are not perfectly shaped or due to a scar. But if you are a woman who doesn’t like to expose the legs there is an option for you. You can use stocking underneath to cover your legs. This will give you confidence while letting you wear any short dress that you prefer.

4. Do not Over Do

A mini dress can be accessorised with a simple watch, belt and a statement necklace. But keep
it simple and being minimalistic will add value to the overall impression. Moreover, let the
mini dress gain the attention it needs and minimise the number of jewelleries you wear. I like to wearing corset tops with my mini dress for a really dramatic look.


5. Wear a Biker Short

Do you remember the Kim Kardashians biker shorts? You can prevent wardrobe malfunctions by wearing a biker short under your mini dress. This will give you tension free moves, sit or use the stairs with confidence while not exposing undergarments. Otherwise you can wear different bodysuits instead, which is also a great option!

6. Sneakers

If you are wearing a mini dress to hang around with a friend, visit a cousin or on vacation, you
can pair the dress with sneakers. It will add a classy and relaxed overall look. Keep in mind to select sneakers which contrast the style of your mini dress. Sneakers look best with a mini dress that ends above the knee.

7. Weather doesn’t Matter

When it gets colder, the dress doesn’t need to wear long dresses. You can still wear mini
dresses with some simple hacks.

  • Wear a long coat over your dress
  • Wear knee-high shoes to keep your lower part of the body warmer
  • Use a robe over your dress to keep your upper body warmer
  • With a leather pant. Other wonderful option will be to mix co-ord suits instead of a mini dress and pants. This gives you the option to wear it with the skirt and take it off at the end of the day, for example, when you go out!
  • Wear stocking

Try these options to stay warm while wearing your favourite mini dresses even in cold weather.

These will add an elegant unique look while you being the centre of attention.

Moreover, be careful when you are selecting the length of the mini dresses according to your height. I recommend you to select a dress which ends right below your fingertips when you rest your arms.


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