How to Style a Bodycon Dress for A Party

How to Style a Bodycon Dress for A Party

Are you looking for new tips to make your bodycon dress outfit fabulous? In this article, I explain how you can style a bodycon dress for a party. The bodycon dresses are designed to showcase and highlight the curves of the women’s body.

1. Belt Up Your Dress

The best benefit you can get by adding a belt is that you can hide the extra pounds in your tummy area. But keep in mind that the width of the belt you are going to select is important. Because it can totally change the overall look of you. This would help you to draw instant attention towards the waist and less attention to your bum and bust.

2. Reveal Less

Sometimes, being fashionable and reveal less of your body at the same times can a tricky thing. Because revealing of your body has become popular in fashion. But you can wear a bodycon dress in a modest way and reveal less. Or would you rather go for jumpsuits? Your call!

First you can layer your bodycon dress with the already available clothing items such as blazers. But make sure to choose pieces which are made with a bit shiny and suitable for a party. Moreover, you can select a midi length dress which falls just below your knee.

3. Simple Accessories

Bodycon dresses for party require minimal jewellery. Because the dress is already stunning and fabulous. Due to this reason, the accessories should not overpower your bodycon dress. Use simple jewellery, but the size of the necklace that you wear can be subjective based on the area of that body con dress doesn’t cover. Moreover, shiny tassel earrings can be worn with bare shoulder dresses.

4. Right Shoes for Body Con Dresses

Next tip is not to kill the vibe with flats. A body con dress is made with glamour. So, keep in mind to wear only heels with your bodycon dress. This will help you to look slim while elongating your overall look.

5. Less Is More

You may see that choosing the right dress and accessories such as jewellery and shoes are the only things  you have to worry when you are getting ready for a party. The next big important thing is the selection of the right size of the bag based on the occasion. If it recommends that the size of your bag or purse should be inversely proportional with the event that you are participating in.

For an evening formal party, a small bag with clutches to carry only the essential items such as your mobile phone, Tissues, Lipstick, Medicine and foundation etc is a good choice. This would help to gain more attention to your bodycon dress.

6. Choose the Right Colour

We all love to wear our favourite colours. But different colours demonstrate the different feelings and impressions towards our audience. Hence the colour of the dress should be selected based on the type of party and the occasion you attend.

  • Red – Bold, Powerful and Confidence
  • Orange – Social and Fun
  • Pink – Soft and nurturing
  • Blue – Safe, Friendly and Secure
  • Green- Energetic, Youthful and Calm

7. Shapewear

The final and most important tip is about choosing the right shapewear. Some women tend to size down their shapewear to wear underneath the Bodycon Dress. But it would make you uncomfortable. Experts recommend to go and wear available shapewear at a store and walk around while wearing it for few minutes.

This would build confidence to purchase it without a doubt and make you comfortable while wearing it underneath your body con dress. Moreover, most of the shapewear is made of materials such as Nylon and spandex etc. But these materials do not breath enough compared to the cotton. Due to this reason don’t forget to select the shapewear based on the material type and avoid non-cotton materials on warmer months. Great option is also a bodysuits – helps you to feel warmer while also looking slimmer.

A bodycon dresses add glamour to your overall look and we hope this article helped you to. clear your doubts and standout in the crowd.


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