How to Stay on Track Psychologically When You Lose Your Job

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Losing a job can happen to everyone, especially in uncertain financial times like right now. But there are ways to stay on track psychologically, be comfortable mentally, and motivated to find a new job.

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Keep Yourself Busy

Don’t let yourself worry and keep thinking about losing your job. You have to keep yourself busy focusing on a new income source. So start to find a temporary or a passive income source.

There are a lot of methods to earn money online these days. Do you know how to take good product photos, write great selling copy, create websites? For example, you can sell your skills on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. You will be surprised, sometimes you will be able to find more income than a regular job.

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Organise your work-from-home space

I always feel like organising a proper working space and creating a capsule wardrobe to work from home helps to say organised and feel good mentally.

Before you start your work in the morning, take a shower, get ready, have a coffee, or a proper breakfast if you prefer. And only then move to your office space.

Things that make a work-from-home easier:

  • a candle and a plant for your working space to make it a bit more pleasant
  • a few notebooks, to-do stickers, and pens
  • laptop with updated software for better work experience
  • phone set up on a silent mode to reduce the distraction
  • good lightning – ideally sit by the window

Working-from-home wardrobe essentials:

  • joggers – make sure they are comfortable and monochrome to look more professional
  • loungewear such as sweatpants, cardigans, comfortable tops
  • consider linen and loose cotton shirts for a more professional look
  • a few t-shirts
  • a comfortable linen dress

Having those two things organised will help you to feel professional and sharp when you apply for new jobs, search for some freelance projects, and just try to conquer the World once again.

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Reach Your Family & Friends

Another best way to cope and stay on track psychologically is to stay connected with your family members and friends. Family members will understand your situation better than anyone else. They are the only one that wishes you the best. Therefore, open up to them and express your feelings.

Moreover, you can spend more time with them now. So, if you are married or having kids, pay more attention to them. You can play mini-games with them and other activities with them. You do not have to keep worrying about losing your job. This would be one of the best ways to stay track of psychologically.

Apart from that, you can build new friendships with the same taste. There are a lot of Facebook community groups which you can join and discuss your interesting topics. There are groups that post new job opportunities as well.

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Improve Your Social Profiles

Once you lost your job, the next objective is to find a new job, right? Therefore, you should improve the quality of social accounts. You can go through your Facebook and Instagram or Twitter feeds and wipe the negative thoughts related posts. Fill it with the contents which give a positive vibe towards your character.

Did you know that most of the employers now go through social accounts while they are filtering the right candidates?

Hence, you can improve the quality of your LinkedIn profile. Now you have to update your previous job period and experience you got from that job as well. Therefore, add a description to prove “why a potential employer should hire you”. To do that you can showcase all the projects you have handled in previous jobs, all the responsibilities, and the skills you have gained from the job.

Finally, you should not lose hope, you must apply for new jobs as soon as possible. There are local websites which help you to browse jobs based on different categories. Log in to some of these websites and keep applying to new jobs.


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