How to Put Together an Autumn Outfit

How to Put Together Autumn Outfits

Autumn is the best time to create layered, unique and stylish outfits. The beauty of autumnal colours and shades inspires me to look into my wardrobe differently. During this time of the year I switch my attention to unusual colours for myself and just play in fashion by creating different autumn outfits. This outfit was inspired by autumnal leaves and trees. On this example, I would like to show you how to put together an autumn outfit that will bring you a lot of attention.

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Choose a Colour Scheme for The Outfit

The key for a balanced outfit is the colour palette. The way colours play or fight with each other will define how successful you were with creating the outfit. by choosing the harmonic palette, you make your life very easy. Once the colours and shades for your autumn outfit are sorted, you can mix and match almost anything.

Pairing the right colour combination can make or break your outfit. It all starts during the shopping. Shop the shades that complement each other. When buying pieces separately, always make sure you will be able to pair them later with the pieces in your current wardrobe. This will be handy when you will get to create outfits.

In my opinion, mustard, navy, deep green and burnt orange are perfect autumnal shades. They play nicely together and very easy to pair. choose up to 5 colours to go into creating the outfit, but make sure they all compliment and enhance each other. When creating a multi-coloured outfit, go for an accessory that would bring the look together. Many street style bloggers use this trick, and you should too!

Some of my favourite colour combinations for autumn outfits are:

Royal blue and silver.

Navy and rust.

Burgundy and black.

Grey, white and crimson.

Dark brown, caramel and creme.

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Choose the Best Clothes for Your Body Type

Who doesn’t want to look better? From deciding if you’re an hourglass shape, pear, rectangular, or apple, there are plenty of different physiques that with just a little knowledge can look even better. That could be balancing out your proportions with a pair of flared trousers, or highlighting the most flattering part of your body with a thin belt. There are some amazing ideas you might have never even thought of. One thing’s for sure, though, knowing what makes you look better, will help you feel and look your best.

What is Your Body Shape?

The hourglass figure is considered the ideal body type by many women. For women with this body type, the bust and hip are approximately the same sizes and the waist is narrow. This gives you a set of sexy, killer curves. When dressing your hourglass figure, look for styles and fabrics that reduce bulk and prevent boxiness. Also, look for pieces that draw attention to your narrow waist, such as belts.

Curvy hips, thick thighs and a full rear are the key characteristics of the pear-shaped woman. Many pear shapes also have a small bust, narrow shoulders, and defined waist. Keep your proportions in check by drawing the eye to your upper body while de-emphasizing your lower half. You’ll look smashing with just a few stylish tricks!

If you have a rectangular body shape, you need to create the illusion of a waist. Keep your silhouette uncluttered. Wear unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist. Clothing with hip and bottom details, such as flared jeans are good – as long they create gentle curves.

If you have an apple-shaped body, then your body is ‘top heavy,’ meaning you have a wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, and upper back. Apple-shaped bodied women also tend to have thinner arms, legs, and hips, and tend to gain weight at their waistlines. If you have an apple-shaped body, then you should be proud of your full figure and get ready to flaunt it. But if you want to show off what you’ve got, you need to dress appropriately. Avoid wearing an outfit with a different pattern in the belly area. This will draw more attention to your belly.




Learn How to Wear A Scarf

Scarves are one of my favourite accessories of all time, whether I’m wearing a thick and cosy one on a cold day, or a light and flowery one on a warmer spring day. Not only there is a huge variety of scarf designs and patterns. But also, the selection of colours and fabrics used every season meet needs and preferences of every fashionista.

In addition, of all the autumnal accessories out there, the scarf is easily the most versatile. Not only it protects you from the wind, but also improves the outfit. Out of a huge selection of scarf models, I prefer simple ones – a tie scarf, a wrap or a monochrome cashmere scarf. Most of the times, I go for wrap scarves. I believe they are the most stylish, can be used in several ways and add a bit of elegance to the outfit thanks to its simplicity.

Choose a big square or rectangular scarf made of a natural material, such as cotton, linen or silk. Scarves made of natural fabrics, even though they may seem too light, will keep you very warm. Additionally, soft fabric will allow scarf to drape and flow nicely, making your outfit look even more sophisticated. Wrap scarves can be worn in several ways, depending on how you prefer to style it. Here are some examples:

For colder days, wrap it around your neck, creating a ‘pillow effect’.

To enhance an elegant style, wear it on your shoulder with the ends hanging both sides – like I wear it on the photo above.

Tack the scarf into the belt to make your waist appear smaller.

Wrap it around your handbag, when you need your hands to be free.

Wear your scarf as a headpiece a la ‘babushka’.


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What inspires you to create stylish autumn outfits?

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  1. 22 November 2016 / 10:46 AM

    Picking the right colours to wear together makes a big difference! It is a little bit tricky but the result can be something amazing. Layering is my thing in autumn! Instead of wearing thick clothes, I like to layer my outfit and a scarf is a must have. I don’t leave the house without it!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. 22 November 2016 / 8:53 PM

    WOW! I love this combination! You did a great job in styling these fall colors. Thanks for the tips too! I can use it by styling my outfits. X

  3. 23 November 2016 / 3:29 AM

    Love all the colorful pieces you styled here! So pretty and perfect for fall! 🙂

  4. 27 November 2016 / 10:11 PM

    Such great styling tips!

    I looove the outfit, I love that it has some pops of color, it makes it looks much more joyful!
    Oh and those boots have a color ..simply amazing!!

  5. 27 November 2016 / 11:38 PM

    SO gorgeous, those boots are incredible! Your posts are my favourite! x

  6. Yasmin
    1 December 2016 / 11:21 AM

    Love the bright colours in this outfit, they work so well together! Great style post x

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

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