How to Organise Your Wardrobe 

How to Organise Your Wardrobe 

Whenever you want to go somewhere and need to get ready, you rush to your wardrobe, opens its door and see clothes dashing in your feet. You cannot find anything to wear from this pile. You will get late to reach the place and the tension created by this mess and hustle and bustle is also there. Here, you need to organise your wardrobe! How to do it? 

Here is the easiest step by step guide to organise your wardrobe.

1. Empty your closet

First step to organise your wardrobe is emptying it from the stuff. You may have one shelf set however now for this new organization, you will have to do it from the start. Therefore, bring out everything from your wardrobe and place on bed or chairs, near to closet so that while organizing it, you can access them easily.  

2. Separate your outdoor and indoor belongings

We all have two types of dresses and shoes in our wardrobe, one category belongs to stuff that we wear while going out mostly casual and neat dresses and the other one we wear at home like pyjamas and old stuff. Therefore, the second thing you will do to organize your wardrobe is separating these both categories form each other.  

3. Donated Unused Clothes and Shoes

Sometimes, we have so many things to wear and carry that most dresses remain untouched. However, they take a huge space in the wardrobe and make it a little messy and congested. Therefore, you should donate the dresses that you don’t wear to organise your wardrobe. It can be your favourite top, however, what is it doing here when you don’t find time and craving to wear it anymore. However, if you are not in favour of donating it, keep a shopper with you and put it in there to free up space in the wardrobe.  


4. Set your wardrobe

Once you have remained only necessary stuff for your wardrobe, it is time to set your dresses and shoes in it. You should hang those dresses which you wear outside and fold and keep those pyjamas which you wear at home. Besides this, try to make room for everything such as makeup, clothes, shoes, and scarves etc. By doing so, you won’t have to go anywhere else to take things while getting ready.  

5. Be Cautious While Taking Clothes

Most of the time, you do organize your wardrobe but while taking and selecting clothes, you become so uncaring that the wardrobe again becomes disorganized. Try to be careful and maintain your wardrobe. Also, inspect it on a regular basis and remove old stuff to make room for your stuff. 

These are the top five ways to organize your wardrobe that you can use without worry. In the end, I would like to give a tip that if you have a small closet, make sure to keep your stuff limited to keep out the mess. Use empty boxes and shoppers to save things and keep your closet tidy.  


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