How to Get the Most out of Black Friday

How to Get the Most out of Black Friday

The Black Friday is one week or one-month long event for some retailers with various type of deals and offers. Therefore, it is very important to prepare and get the best deals out of the Friday deals. Some offers can be tricky. So, I have the best five tips that would help you to decide how to buy the best products at the best price on this Black Friday.

  1. Do Your Research and Make a Black Friday Wishlist

Rather than scrolling through thousands of web pages; I recommend you to make a list of your favourite shops, clothing items, beauty products and other items that you would be needing in upcoming months even as birthday gifts. This will let you prioritise the products that you really need and prevent impulse buying. Then you can check websites of each favourite shop and sign up for the newsletters and follow them on social media as well. Because you should be the first to know when their sales go live.  The sellers sometimes send you promo codes directly to you via emails as well.

Some of my favourite Black Friday skincare deals are below

FOREO facial cleansing massager

After using the LUNA mini 3 for a few months, I noticed that it eliminates blemish-causing impurities (sweat, dirt, oil and dead skin) very well while remaining exceptionally gentle on my skin.  I really feel like using it for one minute twice a day helps me to achieve a fresh, clear and naturally beautiful complexion. A perfect addition to my skincare routine!

It can be a great opportunity to save some money on Christmas presents for your mum, sister or friends. It’s good timing to buy it now so you don’t need to rush just before Christmas and also you can save some cash.

Check FOREO’s Black Friday deals on the website here:

L'occitane Herbae par L'occitane Collection Review

L’occitane offers 20% off their products here. I would probably go for a Luxury Advent Calendar with a massive discount and value just in time!

New In- NARS The Exposed Collection Review

Feelunique offers up to 35% Black Friday deals on all their brands. What else can you wish for?

  1. Know your size

The major drawback in online shopping is that you cannot fit on or feel the quality of the materials that your clothing is made of. We recommend you to measure own well-fitting dress and know the right measurements. Hence some brands design the dresses according to their own size chart instead of choosing the UK or US size charts. Moreover, do not forget to read the product description to know more about the material of the product.

This will help to minimize the exchanging attempts or the post-purchase dissonance where you feel unsatisfied. Because some shops do not accept exchanges for the sale items.

  1. Don’t forget to abandon your cart

Did you know that websites give you discounts when they detect that you have abundant the cart at the checkout? Yes, if you think you are not getting enough discount or Zero discount on a product that you really like such as a branded makeup set, add the product to your cart and abandon the cart after giving them your email address. The website will send you discount newsletters and coupon codes etc. in an hour or sometimes after 24 hours.

  1. Compare Prices

The sellers will force you to purchase the offer as soon as you see their ad by letting you know that the offer valid only for a limited time or until stock lasts. Maybe they will add a countdown timer to their product page as well. But always be vigilant to compare the price with the other brands or sellers as well. Because sometimes the same products will be available at a cheaper price at a different seller and you will end up being dissatisfied after you see the products at a much lower price than the price you purchased.

There are websites such as PriceSpy which allows you to compare prices of a large variety of items, such as beauty and health products, fashion and accessories, Phones and computer accessories etc. Furthermore, these websites help you to compare the Black Friday offers by adding a special black Friday category to their websites as well.

  1. Stay up & Avoid the Cyber Crowd

Don’t miss the best deals. There are some websites which get crowded and go out of stock within a few seconds. So, stay awake on the dawn of the 29th and start to shop online based on your priority list. The UK catalogue retailers such as Argos suggest the customer to shop between 3 am to 4 am to avoid the cyber crowd and get the deals before they are gone.

Moreover, these websites can crash as well due to a large number of visitors on Black Friday. So, we recommend you to set an alarm and be an early bird to claim the offers that you were waiting for as soon as possible

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stay safe from scammers and fraudulent sellers. Keep in mind to read the previous customer feedback and how the seller has handled the negative feedback as well. This will help you to get an idea of whether the seller is selling quality products. Because some sellers sell the products such as branded cosmetics that look exactly like the branded items, but counterfeited items.  Hence It will help the quality of the after-sale.

In the comments below, let me know what you are planning to purchase!

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