How to Get Out of a Style Rut

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If you are starting to grow concerned that your fashion choices are no longer the right ones or even if you’re starting to feel stuck with using the same sort of styles over and over again, don’t worry! I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll go over five great pieces of advice on how to get out of a style rut. Hopefully, this information will prove useful and beneficial to you during your own quest for the perfect look.

Five Tips For Getting Out of a Style Rut

  • Try new colours. If you’re stuck in a style rut and feel like all your current outfits are variations of the same tired old look, it’s of critical importance to try incorporating new colours into your fashion choices. Try colours that are unusual for you, colours that you normally wouldn’t consider wearing; you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how much difference an alternative colour palette can make when it comes to style and fashion.
  • Wear prints and embroidery. If you’re stuck in a style rut and aren’t sure how to escape from it, a great change you can try is switching out some of your more plain clothing items for articles with prints and embroidery upon them. Bold prints, in particular, can be an excellent way of spicing up your style and rejuvenating your look, especially if you expend the effort to coordinate the colours of your various outfit options.


  • Try wearing more heels if you wear flats and vice versa. Changing the type of footwear you utilize is also a surprisingly effective way of getting yourself out of a style rut. There’s no denying that shoes truly do complete any outfit, so swapping out your flats or sandals for a sleek high-heeled shoe or boot (or vice versa) can help to totally alter your style.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe. When trying to alter your style and appearance, it can be tremendously helpful to go through the clothes you already have. This will help you to see and assess both what you buy and what you actually wear. If you have items you don’t wear often, consider trying them out to see if they work with the style you’re aiming for. If not, you can donate them or sell them, and eventually replace them with new items that you are more likely to wear.
  • Order a session with a professional stylist. Finally, if you still aren’t sure what steps to take to get yourself out of your style rut, you can always consult a personal fashion stylist. A skilled fashion stylist can help you to figure out what sort of style would be best for you and help you to achieve that by offering expert style and fashion advice. If you’d like, I can offer excellent style advice thanks to my extensive experience with fashion and aesthetics. Should you desire some personalized advice regarding your own style and fashion needs, to reach out to me via email or visit my website here: to explore and book the services that suit your personal style needs. I will be happy to help! Yuliya x


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