How To Fix A Badly Fitted Prom Dress

How To Fix A Badly Fitted Prom Dress

After weeks of waiting, the prom dress you ordered online finally arrives. You open the package and as you excitedly put on the dress and look in the mirror, it dawns on you just how bad it looks. It doesn’t hang on your body the same way it did on the model on the picture. There’s little time left before prom and you can’t send the dress back anymore.

What do you do to fix a badly fitted prom dress?

This is not the time to give up. Hundreds, if not thousands of girls out there go through the same dilemma of not fitting into their 2016 prom dresses for prom –and it’s one that can be fixed. Just follow these simple tips and you should attend your prom night feeling confident and beautiful.

  1. Go to the seamstress, quick!

If you still have a week before prom, you can give your seamstress a quick visit to have your dress altered.  Make sure the seamstress you visit is a competent one. Do not let them cut the fabrics as most dresses will have a few inches reserved at the seams so that it can be let out. You’re lucky if your seamstress can add fabric to give you some breathing room in your dress.

  1. Listen to your seamstress’ suggestions

You should already know which parts of the badly fitted prom dress that you want to be altered. If not, you can ask for suggestions on where they could make changes to the dress to make it look better on you. If they go against what you’re asking for, there could be a good reason as to why they’re not for it. Remember that tailors are professionals and they are very familiar in finding better ways to make something look better on your body.

  1. Final fitting

The alterations your seamstress makes should be ready three days before the prom. This gives you time to see if the changes you asked for were made. When picking up the dress, try it on so that when something is wrong, you can have it altered the last minute right away.

  1. Wear cinching undergarments

Every Hollywood starlet’s secret to fitting in a tight dress: Spanx! If your dress doesn’t fit you well because it’s a little too small for you, invest in quality Spanx. The right cinching undergarment can hide the bulges and the rolls that could otherwise ruin your whole look. Make sure it’s just the right size and that it’s not too tight that you can’t breathe anymore.

Follow these tips the moment you try on your dress when it doesn’t fit. Don’t wait till the very last minute to have it fixed. You don’t have to settle for looking bad on prom night when there are still steps that you can take.

To avoid being in this situation, it helps to purchase your dress from a reliable shop that shows the most accurate measurements. A good example of a reputable online shop is the Prom Dress Shop. Visit their site and check out to see their wide selection of 2016 prom dresses. Don’t forget to also do the following steps before purchasing a prom dress:

  • Prepare the right measurements before placing your order for a dress online. Get your own measurements and have someone else do it for you too. This ensures that it is accurate.
  • Allow 1”to 5” allowance in measuring just in case the dress needs to be altered.
  • Do not buy a dress in a size that you hope to be on prom night. It just never turns out well for you and your dress.
  • Ask if the prom dress supplier sells extra fabric for alterations. This makes it easier to alter the dress in case you see some changes that need to be made.

In Conclusion

Once the dress has been fixed or you’ve already found the perfect fit. Forget you ever had to worry about badly fitted prom dress and enjoy your prom night. If you still struggle with a badly fitted prom dress and decide to go shopping to find your perfect prom dress, check out my article first and get inspired!

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  1. March 13, 2016 / 12:35 am

    I will not be going to prom in the future now that I passed that age 10 years ago hahah (kinda sad), but I think these tips work great for any formal occasion where I need to fit into a formal dress. Thanks for the tips, beautiful!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

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