How to Dress a Rectangular Shaped Body

How to Dress a Rectangular Shaped Body

It is a good thing to know your body shape and to dress to that shape. Although the rectangular-shaped body is known by flattering names like athletic body shape, or long and lean, they have a few style challenges of their own.


Rectangle body shapes are characterised by the hip, waist and shoulder widths that are all similar to each other. The outline of your body will not have several curves so you will need to use a few style codes to create some.



Great females with rectangle body shapes include; Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani.


  • Create curves. Look for scoop-neck and amazing top that help create curves. Belt your waist to build more of an hourglass figure. Put on tops with collars, ruffles and details to flatter your chest.
  • Go lean. Wear long jackets to create a slim look and emphasise your compact rectangle body shape.
  • Support those girls. Stylistscannot says it enough – a well-fitting bra is vital for rectangle body figures, which tend to be boyish. The best bra will make the most of the curves you have.
  • Layer it up. Layering adds more dimensions to a simplistic rectangle body shape.
  • Pants are easy. Because you have a rectangle body shape, you can wear most trouser styles and don’t have to worry about them being too tight. Clothes that hug your body will produce the illusion of curves.

A well-chosen dress that is flattering to your body shape is going to do far more for your confidence and appearance than any latest designer garb that does not do anything for your particular look. Every woman has her sense of beauty and style. She uses clothing to voice-out herself in a fun and lighthearted way sometimes and then in a severe way for more formal events. Her choice of clothing should emphasise her best features and highlight her personality. Therefore, every woman must know her body type to enhance her taste and personality.

However, you should only wear what you feel is comfortable, and what enhances your level of confidence. Pay more attention to what fits your body rather than solely on what is trendy. Women who have rectangular-shaped bodies will usually be athletic with fewer curves and broader back. This female will have a small bust, have a long torso and possibly a flat rear end.

Dressing a rectangular-shaped woman

When you are wearing as an athletic figure, it is best to choose clothing that gives the impression of a curvy figure. Choose V-neck and wrap blouses that emphasise the bust line and put the focus on the face. To enhance your body shape, you should put on a padded bra.

When you are choosing a pair of pants, you need to look for pants with flaps that are spaced out or with full back pockets. This adds roundness to the bottom and produces a curvier appearance. Choose clothing that is flattering to the hips such as a flared skirt that starts from the waist; attach a wide belt to your dress or wear clothing with a lot of elements around the bust line.

The key to dressing a  rectangular-shaped or an athletic figure is to define the waistline as much as possible by:

  • Selecting empire styles
  • Wrap tops or bottoms
  • Shirtwaist
  • Adding a camisole
  • Avoiding stiff fabric

There is more to dressing an athletic shape than just the basics. You also have to think about the vertical measurements that would include women with:

  • A short trunk with long legs
  • A long trunk with short legs
  • Specifically shaped arms and legs

Athletic women do not have to be concerned with gaining weight because they’re so active. Therefore, the size of their cloth is not going to be a big worry. Full skirts are proper as well as thick clothing that will reveal their ideal features.


Some athletic figured women should try to show their best assets, which could be the neck and legs, arms, shoulders. Halter back dresses as well as dresses, and one shoulder are some of the wisest choices. These will show off the arms and the shoulders. It will also distract the eyes from the bust line. Rectangular shaped women may most likely not have the hourglass shape, but they can display those lovely legs with chic dresses and short skirts.

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