How to Climb the Career Ladder without Feeling Chained to the Corporate World

Brainy Business Owner

You dream of living a life of pure luxury one day; jetting off whenever you fancy and lounging in your large mansion, are things you could only imagine doing on a regular basis. You are ready to take your life to the next level, but you really don’t want to feel chained to a corporate company who are going to take your hard work for granted. You are passionate about working hard to reach your career goals, but you also want the freedom to live your life exactly how you want it. In this day and age, it isn’t always going to be easy to have your cake and eat it. However, a solid work life balance is becoming more and more achievable, so don’t be too disheartened just yet. An excellent element of today’s working world is the ability to work from almost anywhere you want; working remotely is becoming widespread across the world, so this is probably the best place for you to start. Wherever your skill sets lie, you can make an astounding career leap and work your way up the ranks, by simply honing in on your personal talents. Explore these exciting opportunities that will help you to take your working life up a level, whilst sustaining your independence.

Be Savvy and Self-Employed

The rate of self-employment has skyrocketed over the years and we are now living in a world where being a freelancer is the norm. Between the months of January and March 2018, the number of freelance workers in the construction industry accounted for almost a million employed people, which makes it the vastest self-employed workforce in the whole of the United Kingdom. The construction industry is quite an obvious choice for those looking for self-employed workers, however, there are more and more options opening up, especially in the world of law. Passion for Law is a new style of Law firm, which offers you the freedom of being self-employed alongside the stability of working under a regular law company. If you are passionate about becoming a lawyer and preserving your freedom, this would be the ideal opportunity for you. Explore your options and see if this type of flexible agreement would work for you.

Be a Brainy Business Owner

If you love taking a risk and throwing yourself into a new challenge then you might thrive on becoming a business owner. You will need to think carefully about how to fund the start-up, as well as maintaining it for at least the first year. Depending on what type of business you are trying to start you can’t count on making a tonne of money initially. When you have your own business you have the freedom to work whenever you want from wherever you want. Arguably, there is much more initial legwork behind this option and more of risk. Decide if you are prepared to take the leap and it might just be the best decision you have ever made.

How to Climb the Career Ladder without Feeling Chained to the Corporate World

Be Smarter With Your Skill Sets

When you are exploring your career options you need to make sure you are using your skill sets to their full potential. There is no point in chasing jobs that aren’t really suited to your qualifications, knowledge and experience. Always stay true to what you want to do and if you choose to veer towards a different direction you will need to improve your skills. Starting afresh in a new line of work is never a bad idea; you will just need to take some time out to become proficient in a new area.  

Be Confident Enough To Say No

During your career, you will be faced with several choices that you need to make. Perhaps a new opportunity has arisen in your current line of work and you need to decide whether to pursue it. When you are trying to maintain a self-employed status you can easily be pressured into signing your soul away and becoming part of the rat race again. Having a steady income and workflow might seem attractive, but remember to say no if it isn’t really something you want to do.  

Be Bold and Always Aim Higher

As well as saying no sometimes, you also need to actively seek out opportunities that are a good fit for you. Don’t get too comfortable in what you are doing; keep chasing something new and always push your own boundaries. Being self-employed or freelance is one of the hardest statuses to have because you have to motivate yourself. As soon as you start to feel a slump in your workload, start chasing your next adventure. The beauty of being your own boss is being able to accept the work you truly want to do, so keep aiming high and be bold with your decisions.

Be Brave and Move Abroad

If you are the type of person who has wanderlust, then moving abroad for work might just be the ticket for you. You might think that finding a job abroad is a scary process, but you can make it work. Obviously, this is a big step to take so make sure you do your research before coming to a final decision. You could be teaching in Thailand or becoming a chef in Italy; if something like this makes you truly excited then it is totally worth pursuing.

Let’s face it, you are going to have to make a few bold and risky decisions in order to make it big. Whether you choose to dive head first into the freelance life or you want to take the plunge and move abroad, you can find career satisfaction and success from numerous places. Every person is an individual so there won’t be a one size fits all notion to suit everybody. The most important thing to remember is to chase the career that you truly love. When you have passion and enthusiasm for a specific industry, such as law, you are going to be far more successful than if you chase something half-heartedly. Follow your lifelong dreams and immerse yourself in the world you hope to be working in. Whether it’s in a foreign country or the comfort of your own home, career success doesn’t have to be confined to an isolating office environment.

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