How to boost your body confidence

How to boost your body confidence

What’s in your head counts way more than what you might think. Sometimes what’s in your head will have a very huge impact on your physical self. This is where body image comes in. If you think that just because you don’t look like Kim Kardashian or Mrs Universe, you’re not perfect, you’re definitely wrong! What you are thinking is highly toxic for your mind and your body. Remember, you are beautiful the way you are!

Studies show that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. I think it’s wrong. And this is why I  share some of the ways to boost your body confidence:

Boost Your Body Confidence

If you have been through the high school stage, you must have been called out by a guy by a certain body part. For example, some annoying guy would have said “Hey! Nice ass” or “Whoa, nice chest gal!”.

Apparently, most guys in high school like to tease the girls they like by publicly demeaning them. Just take a brief pause and think about that.

Take those high school “insults” as a positive reinforcement for your mind. Oh, and don’t forget, you can always wear some shapewear, for example, Knix’s anti-chafing shorts to eliminate chafing, sweat, and having to sit on anything gross when you’re in a dress. Yay, bonus!

Markdown all the things you love about yourself

Make a list of all the goods you love about yourself. The human mind is certainly very weird. When it comes to ourselves, our mind only remembers the lows of our lives and the negatives. It doesn’t give the highs and the positives of our minds much thought at all.

This is why you should make a list of all the things you love about yourself when you’re feeling down. The list can be anything about your body, like how you are able to sprint faster than your “popular” girlfriend or how you have a better chest than her. Yes, narcissism is bad, but when you are dealing with issues related to your self-esteem, it’s okay to think about the positives.

Talk to your closest friend

Though it might be very uncomfortable trying to open up to someone else about your body confidence issues, you will realise how wrong you are about your body when someone from another perspective explains it.

A close friend will give you the most honest opinion about your body, from their perspective. Plus, after opening up to someone, you are bound to gain a little confidence.


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👑It’s always crystal clear who the strong women are. They’re the ones you’ll see building each other up instead of tearing each other down. 1. Girls compete with each other; women empower one another. 2. One woman’s success is inspiration for another. 3. Honesty is key. Let’s stop the lies and, instead, tell each other how it is. 4. Thinking happy thoughts will make a significant difference. 5. As females, we should compliment other females. It’s not a competition. 6. It’s a good thing to simply be nice. 7. It’s almost always true that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. 8. Beautiful minds inspire others, and they have the ability to make positive changes. 9. When women encourage, and genuinely support one another, incredible things happen. 10. We should embrace natural beauty, rather than be critical of other women’s bodies and our own. 11. Sometimes we can forget how much we can influence one another. No one understands us the way, ourselves, do. We’re capable of extraordinary accomplishments. 12. Because queens uplift other queens. Enough said. 13. Ladies, when we work as a team, we’ll get things done and it’s destined for nothing but greatness. 14. Supporting one another, instead of trying to make each other fail and mess up, goes a long way. 15. All of the badass women need to join together and focus on making the world a better place. There’s a lot of work to do. 16. You shouldn’t shy away from being yourself around another woman. She’ll understand what you’re going through. You’re never alone. 17. Strong women stand together when things are tough, hold each other when they need help, and laugh together even when there’s no reason to. They simply have a good time together. 18. Here’s to respecting the women who are hustling just as much as we are. 19. Fierce lady friendships are some of the best relationships in this life. 20. Remember, not only should we practice self love, but we should also appreciate and value other women. . . . . . #inspireothers #Woman #empoweringwomen #fashion #fashionistas #londongirl

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Our culture isn’t what should judge us

We have all been fed useless information by corporate pop culture that says that you NEED to have a “perfect” body that involves thousands of dollars of operations, and dangerous diet plans, which might be doing more harm to your body than good.

It is only natural that we think that our body is only perfect if it is like what pop culture has been spoon-feeding us all along. This is wrong. They are only trying to earn more money from beauty products and expensive operations.


Now that you’re one of the only women in your social group who are not ashamed of wearing the anti-chafing shorts, you will definitely have a boost in body confidence. Take these advice to the heart, and you will certainly live a better life.


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