How to Best Choose Accessories for Clothes

How to Best Choose Accessories for Clothes

The accessories you choose have the ability to boost your whole outfit or create a horrible effect that can destroy all of your previous efforts. This is why you must choose your accessories carefully. Also, you should follow the rules for wearing jewellery if you want to look stylish and sophisticated. Every fashionista must know how to properly use the accessories. A nice pair of earrings or an excessive necklace can truly enhance an otherwise casual style.

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Watch Out the Colours

The most common mistake is to match the colours of your clothes and accessories. Most women believe that it is best to match several different colours in an outfit in order to create an amazing overall appearance. Of course, there are a few fashion jewellery tips that you should always cherish. For example, when you wear a totally black or white outfit, then you can choose any colour palette you want. When you are choosing a colourful outfit, try matching it with colours that are supplementary. This way, you can’t go wrong.

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Black and White with a Pop of Red

I love creating vivid outfits, wearing many colours and chunky accessories. Today, though, I wanted to experiment with a minimum of colours. So I opted for a black and white look with a burst of red. This star printed off shoulder dress is original itself. That’s why I did not want to draw attention from it by wearing bright accessories.

  • My red and black cross body bag seemed like a perfect companion for this romantic and feminine dress. It does add a bit of colour to the look, but do not attract too much attention, leaving the dress as a centre piece of the outfit.
  • Straw wedge sandals with some fluff make this outfit look even more playful and girly.
  • And, finally, the stone-like earrings and pearl ring finish the look and emphasise the holiday mood of it.

Separately, every piece of this outfit is original and has a character. Worn together, though, they don’t look overwhelming because I kept the colour scheme to the minimum.

star printed off shoulder dressstar printed off shoulder dress Sarah Faux Fur Espadrille Flatform In Black Faux Suede

Do Not Overdo It

When you choose accessories for your outfits you have to consider the pattern of your clothes as well. When you want to wear patterns, prints or embroidered fabrics, your accessories must be kept simple. This way the emphasis will be on your clothes and the accessories will serve as an elegant touch that brings attention back to the items you wear. Alternatively, when your outfit is plain and simple, feel free to experiment with your most extravagant accessories.

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Personal Style

All of the fashion jewellery tips depend entirely on your personal style. If you want to go with something classic, then pick pearls, diamond stud earrings or a simple silk scarf. On the other hand, if your style is a bit more glamorous and extravagant you can compliment your outfit with chandelier earrings, cocktail rings and oversized sunglasses.

In summer we usually feel more playful, so try putting on some chunky jewellery, headbands or some colourful ballet flats. Summer vacation is the best time to leave all the rules for wearing jewellery behind. Try out some new ideas you had in mind, just go for it as the summer is ideal for experimenting.

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Which rules for wearing jewellery you should follow if your style is more casual?

  • Wear some cross body bags, floppy hats, and espadrille sandals during the weekend.
  • For your everyday look at the office, go with a classic watch, an elegant necklace, a fine shoulder bag and some kitten heels.
  • Go for a statement necklace and IT shoes when creating an office party outfit.

When it comes to fashion jewellery tips, there are some simple rules you can follow. However, every woman has her very own style and personality thus, your own style should be unique. Do not be afraid to try new things or experiment with the accessories you already have. Follow your favourite fashion icons on social media to stay on top of current fashion trends.

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Do you wear a lot of jewellery and accessories on a daily basis?

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