How to Accentuate Your Shape and Size

How to Accentuate Your Shape and Size

Nature is full of variety — so much so that we come in a myriad of different body types and sizes. But whether you’re tall, short, or fruiting body shape, you have to know which clothing items complement your body shape and size the most. In this guide, we’ve come up with a quick list of what you need to remember in dressing for your body type.


Balance it out

Other than making your outfit feel complete, the concept of balance in dressing up can visually enhance your body type. The Fashion Folk’s guide for balancing your outfits points out that creating harmony between your ensemble and body type entails highlighting different body parts to supplement your outfit’s silhouette.

For example, women with pear body types can wear tops that accentuate their shoulders to even out their hip-width. Women with apple body types can also use this tip by wearing flared trousers to steal the attention from their shoulders and waists.


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But other than your body shape, you can also balance out your size by wearing different patterns. For statuesque women, it’s important to avoid vertical stripes or patterns in order to avoid making yourself look overly tall. But for petite women, vertical stripes might be preferred, as these have been known to visually elongate a woman’s figure.

Whatever your choice of pattern is, always remember that busy patterns are a great way of drawing attention when used well — so, tread with caution when buying a patterned piece.

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Highlight your best assets

Everyone has their favourite body part that they like showing off, and it’s important that your outfit makes this look good. If you have a straight body type and you want to highlight your great legs, go for miniskirts and daisy shorts to expose your glorious gams. Meanwhile, curvier and bustier women might want to further accentuate their best assets by wearing sexy corset dresses and tight bodysuits, as we’ve mentioned in our post ‘5 Pieces You Need to Build Your Sexy Wardrobe’. So next time you shop, make sure that your purchase can bring attention to your favorite body part.

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Find a go-to dress type

Every woman has an arsenal of dresses in their wardrobe. For Petites, Pretty Me’s guide for dressing for shorter women highlights that it’s all about finding clothes that create lengths, such as form-fitting or vertical-patterned dresses. Avoid those that are too baggy and or loose as these can easily eat up your figure.

Moreover, different body shapes have their own tried-and-tested dress types that are simply too effective to not have in their wardrobe. With pear and apple body shapes, this means having dresses that are a touch boxy so the discrepancy between their hip and shoulder sizes is not as obvious. In contrast to this, rectangular body types can benefit the most by using different accessories like belts to nip their dresses in the waist. Cosmopolitan’s article on all things belts emphasizes that the size of the belt can visually alter your body type — so be careful in choosing the belt you want to pair your dress with.

With all that being said, you’ll always have the freedom to dress however you like. But, we assure you that it’s still best to dress according to your body type, as this can give you a confidence boost — and eventually lead you to full body acceptance.


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