How to Get Ready for the Interview

get ready for the interview

You’ve managed to secure that interview. Half of the work is already done, however, there’s quite a lot of work left to do. You need to get ready for the interview, present yourself in the best possible light. When it comes to the job market, you’d rarely be given the chance of making a second impression. You’ll want to be fully prepared in advanced and here are my best tips on the matter:

  1. Practice Your Greeting

People respond to one another respectively. If you have a positive attitude, wear a smile and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake. Chances are that the other side will be pleased by you. It’s one of the smallest, yet most important steps you could take in order to get ready for the interview. Make sure you actually feel confident and happy to be there. People can always spot fake smiles!

  1. Prepare Your Looks

The second part of your first impression is the way you look. It’s extremely vital to pick out the most appropriate outfit when you’re going on a job interview. As a Wiseman once said ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Don’t overdo it either, though. Make certain the clothes are well ironed, clean, matching and pick out the appropriate accessories to accompany them.

If you don’t have an appropriated outfit to wear to the interview, make sure you buy one instead of wearing a random look. There are plenty affordable choices available, for example, at Ted Baker sale. I’ve always liked how they combine classy and feminine styles in their designs. Perfect if you want to get noticed.

With that in mind, the outfit is not the only thing that matters when it comes to your appearance. Your haircut could also say a lot about you, as well as your face.  If you feel fatigued, you might want to replenish your expression by applying the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask to restore your fresh looks.


  1. Know Everything About Yourself

There are two types of interviews, – ones that act as if they haven’t fully read your CV. Yet they have and are playing the dummy just to provoke you into showing your knowledge. Secondly, those taking the more straightforward approach of directly provoking you with questions. There’s no reason to lie on your resume.

Furthermore in the digital age it would be quite easy for your future employer to check most of the information before even meeting you.  You should be aware of every single detail on your curriculum vitae as the interviewer could pick out different parts of it and ask you to elaborate.

Sadly, but appropriate, – be careful with what you post on your Facebook page! You, certainly, don’t want to make a wrong impression.

  1. Practice Answering To Questions

Think of the sphere you’re applying to. Make a proper research and check out what the most frequent questions are in the interview. If it’s one of your first job interviews as a whole, you might want to research more general questions such as what are your 3 biggest weaknesses’ or ‘where do you see yourself in 2 and 5 years’ and etc. I know, they are still asking those…

These cliché questions are, in fact, quite widely utilised by most interviewers, for reasons beyond our comprehension. You’re not the one setting the rules of the game, though, thus you’ll need to be prepared in order to get ready for the interview.

Follow the tips above, and you will manage to successfully prepare yourself for the job interview. Preparations will show and be appreciated. And remember, the more interviews you do, the more confident you become. So practice, practice and practice. Good luck!


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