Fun Things to Do in Bali (When You Travel Alone)

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Travelling alone is quite a courageous move, not because there would be risks involved in the travel, but mainly due to the fact that you wouldn’t have someone to talk to throughout the majority of the trip. That indeed opens up an opportunity to meet a lot of people. Also, the fact that you won’t have to consider feelings or interests of your travel partner makes it rather appealing.

So what are the most fun things to do in Bali?

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Walking Around the Butterfly Park

Have you ever seen a butterfly born? You would have the chance as long as you decide to visit the Bali Butterfly Park. The park has a good variety of different animals; however, most of them are insects such as the huge walking sticks and the Rhinoceros beetle (which is now under the protection of the Yellow Book).

Fun Things to Do in Bali (When You Travel Alone)

Bike Trip to the Rice Fields

There are a few companies offering bike tours around Ubud. The standard length of the bike tour is forty kilometres, and it is mostly downhill. The additional things included in it are a breakfast on top of a mountain hill as well as visiting a local Balinese village plus heading over to a coffee farm. Before heading back, you’ll sit down for a dinner at a restaurant. However, keep in mind that you would have to pay for the meal out of your own pocket as it is not included in the price of the tour.

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The Balinese Temples

You might not be religious. However, the temples are a major cultural element of the island. There are more than twenty thousand of them spread throughout the entire region. You will certainly not be able to visit all of them, so I recommend you to start from Taman Ayun, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

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Learn To Surf

The island originally became popular because of the pleasant winds, providing surfers with one of the best opportunities to develop their skills. It’s currently one of the main surfing destinations in the world, and you would observe crowds of the surfing enthusiasts from October to April. The waves and the wind are just perfect, and even if you have never been on top of a surfing board, you will be quickly taught by a local trainer. Surfing is an exceptional activity among all of the fun things to do in Bali.

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The Monkey Forest

Are you a fan of monkeys? Everyone believes the monkey from Aladdin is adorable, even though it has a thieving nature. The monkey forest in Ubud is a home to more than six hundred monkeys, some of them are aggressive, some of them are quite smart, whereas others will simply ignore you. In all honesty, the forest is visited by thousands of people on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is always someone that was bitten or mugged. So keep your eyes open and your hands on your bags. And, of course, enjoy! It will certainly be quite a great adventure.


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