Forever Unique White Sandals

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Hi guys, today I’d like to review my new Forever Unique white sandals. I received these high heeled white sandals about 2-3 month ago from Forever Unique through etailPR. First of all, I should say that everything I ever received and wore from Forever Unique is a very high quality and well designed. Forever Unique specialises on luxurious and unusual dresses, glamorous evening wear. In addition to this, they have a beachwear and shoe lines. Before I start, I want to mention, that I was very pleased with a quality and design of the red swimsuit I received earlier from Forever Unique UK.

Forever Unique White Sandals

Forever Unique White Sandals

These white sandals are decorated with white matt crystals in the front part of the shoes. I like this detail a lot. In my opinion, matt crystals make very big difference to sparkly ones – it’s unusual and looks more stylish. Shoes are made out of a high quality leather. Even though the quality of the material is very high, I’m not able to say that it’s very soft. That’s why it may cause irritation and callus, if you have a very sensitive skin as I do.

These Forever Unique shoes have a high heel of 11cm (*4.33 inches). The shape of the heel is very thin, classy and elegant. Despite the fact that I’m used to wear high heeled shoes almost every day, it was a bit complicated to walk in these shoes for me. (* I think, it’s because these shoes don’t have any sort of platform).

Shoes have a metal ankle strap fastening detail. It works very well in a way that you can adjust a width of the ankle strap as you wish. Having said that, it’s almost impossible for me to squeeze my feet in the actual sandal, because they are very tight.

To be honest with you, I have a very two-sided opinion on these Forever Unique white sandals. From one side, they are very stylish, well-designed, trendy and gorgeous. From another side, they very uncomfortable to wear even during the 30 minutes photoshoot. I can’t imagine myself wearing them during the day and even during a 2 hour date in the restaurant. I’m not sure, if all girls have the same problem with them or they are just not made for my feet. Do you have any experience with Forever Unique shoe line? Have you heard any other opinions?

Forever Unique white high heeled sandals

If you want to see more photos, please check my Summer in London outfit to see how I styled these white sandals by Forever Unique.  You might also like to read about a Smashbox event in London that I’ve recently attended!

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  1. August 17, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    It’s too bad the shoes aren’t more comfortable since they are glamorous. I don’t believe that “Pain is beauty,” and I hope more manufacturers and designers think about comfort when they make products.

    • Yukova
      August 18, 2015 / 9:17 am

      Hi Brooke!
      I can’t agree more. As a fashion and style blogger, I always choose and advice my readers to choose comfortable things. People will always notice disharmony, if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing.
      Yukova x

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