Floral Fashion Trend: How to Wear?

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Not many people will mix floral patterns comfortably for the fear of looking funny. This is a fashion trend that needs confidence and the knowledge of how to match correctly. Besides not knowing what to match them with, wearing floral patterns from head-to-toe is considered ridiculous by many people. You do not have to be an expert or a fashion designer to look perfect in floral fashion trend. There are always tips out there to make you look great. So continue reading.

smiling beautiful girlConsider the Colour

You probably choose a certain floral pattern due to a certain colour such as green or purple. If there is a colour that you would like to highlight in your new floral pants or skirt, choose a second fabric that has that same colour. This will bring out the combination perfectly.green and pink floral pantsbest fashion bloggers europe

Get a Companion Fabric

If you are afraid of combining colours and you keep asking yourself what goes with floral patterns, you should consider a companion piece from the manufacturers. Most designers create pre-mixed harmonious patterns that make our lives easier. They have experts who come up with secondary fabrics that work together perfectly with your floral one.

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White for Floral Fashion Trend

White is a great colour that brings together different colours. In the floral fashion trend, white is a perfect colour to block the floral patterns without contradicting the look. The secret to a perfect look is to ensure you have the same shades of white.

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Pair Floral Patterns with Stripes

Another great way to pair floral patterns is to have stripes on the second item of your outfit. Those that have been asking about what goes with floral patterns and have tried this can confirm that they work well together. The secret to this combination is to ensure that the stripes and the floral patterns are in the same family colour. This will give you an outstanding look especially when paired with either metallic or neutral shoes.

What Goes With Floral Patterns?

What Goes With Floral Patterns?

You simply do not want to mix too many patterns. Even with floral patterns, you need to look amazing. Once you manage to have the right floral patterns that you like, ensure that you maintain the colour intensities and tones. One mistake that you should avoid with colour tones is mixing vivid tones with muted colours.

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Match the Colours

One thing about floral fashion trend is that you should not focus on matching the prints, but rather the colours. Depending on your preference, focus on matching the colour that you want to bring out, and the floral combination will be perfect.

The floral fashion trend is an amazing way to bring out your colour pairing expertise, and you can never go wrong with floral patterns as long as you know the colours to put them with. Once you choose a pattern that you like, it will be easy to find a good colour to combine with. You can also learn some colour-matching guidelines to help you out.

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