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In the Style Advice column I aim to help my readers to understand personal style in general. Here I provide you with tools and ideas to perfecting your own look. Today’s fashion and latest trends give us an amazing opportunity to get inspired and create. Nowadays we can mix and match styles, colours, textures etc. Style advice is a great source for discovering how to stay trendy and put together a good look. Also, I talk about different body shapes and what clothes suit them best. Not only this, but I also show you how to style particular pieces of clothing depending on the occasion. Furthermore, I discuss the rules of colour blocking and how to choose perfect accessories and shoes for the desired look. I believe that it’s important to invest time and some money to create great looks that will impress and make you feel confident.


What to wear this spring?

Recently Farfetch has invited me to attend a luxury fashion bloggers breakfast at the prestigious Wolseley restaurant. Me and 3 other bloggers had a chance to meet Farfetch team, learn about the brand over a delicious breakfast and discussed fashion trends of an upcoming season and what we would want to wear…

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