Fashion Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth (Eco Clothing Tips For Every Fashionista)

Eco Clothing Tips For Every Fashionista

Imagine trading the buzz of looking great for the health and wellbeing of others, and the very environment that nurtures and sustains us! Sadly, with the constant call for new trends and designs at a low price, that is the position the fashion industry has got itself into. Happily, there are now ever-more increasing ways that you can stay on trend without contributing to this moral and environmental mess. A topic you can read more about below. 

Buy vintage 

Vintage pieces are one of the best ways to stay on-trend in an environmentally sustainable way. After all, they have already been produced, so they put practically no strain on environmental or human resources at all. 

The great news here is that you can also gain some serious kudos in the fashion world by buying and wearing vintage pieces. If you know your Chanels from your Pradas that is, and you can style such items like a pro. A subject you can get some additional advice on in the video below.

Need versus wants 

OK, so need versus wants can be a hard concept to grasp in modern society at the best of times. Let alone when it comes to the world of fashion, which changes at breakneck speed, and practically runs on creating a desire for the newest trends and designs.

Despite this, it is possible to remain true to your fashionista identity but still shop in a more responsible way.

One way to do this is to embrace the capsule wardrobe, something that means you have a selection of good quality basics that will last for many years. Then to stay on-trend, you only need to buy a few updated items each season. This being something that means less demand, less consumption, and less strain on the earth’s environmental and human resources.

Shop sustainable 

Next, if you want to stay fashionable without it costing the earth, it’s crucial to find a sustainable clothing stockist to use regularly. After all, no matter how careful you choose your capsule and vintage pieces, you will need other clothing items at some point to replace or augment these. 

Happily, when you shop from a sustainable collection, you can continue to embrace and enjoy your love of fashion. All the time, knowing that what you are buying is doing the world good rather than harm.

Embrace alterations 

Lastly, there is one more thing that you can do to ensure your fashion choices have a low impact on the environment. Of course, its embracing alterations instead of throwing an item away and getting a brand new one.

Stop throwing away old items and get them altered instead. 

In fact, alterations can be used in several ways here. One is to resize or repair a piece you currently own. This being something that means you can get a second life from items that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Alternatively, you can also use alternations to get a piece restyled. Something that gives you an updated look without having to invest in an entirely new article of clothing. An approach that means you can always be on-trend, without causing problems for the health and wellbeing of others, or the earth on which we live.

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