Easy Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Easy Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Products for Zombie Makeup are available from Boots.

How to Create an Easy Halloween Zombie Makeup

Step 1 – Apply the lighter-than-usual foundation.

Step 2 – Use the purple, dark brown or dark grey eyeshadow to countour your face and eyes.

Step 3 – Follow my halloween makeup tutorial to blend in some more shades of eyeshadows into your eyes.

Step 4 – Apply a purple or dark red, plum(y) lipstick in the centre of your lips.

Step 5 – Apply the transparent lip gloss outside the lipstick and blend the colour a little bit.

Step 6 – Apply the eyelashes if you prefer for a more dramatic look.

Step 7 – Scare people! Enjoy 🙂

This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own.

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