Dolce & Gabbana Brand History

Dolce & Gabbana Brand History

The high-end fashion empire Dolce & Gabbana brand history has a unique fashion that echoes all around the world. But it is relatively a newcomer to the industry with a comparison of other existing luxury fashion brands. Dolce & Gabbana was found in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Since 1985 they have made an enormous contribution to the fashion industry.

First Collections of Dolce & Gabbana

The first collection of Dolce & Gabbana was named “Real Women”. They produced the “Real Women” collection in the year 1986. Later on, the brand launched a knitwear line in the year 1987 and a beachwear and lingerie line in the year 1989.  When we look into Dolce & Gabbana’s brand history, they have focused only on women from 1985 to 1990. The first men’s collection is released in the year 1990. Since 1990 the brand started to produce clothing designs for both men and women.

Did you know that Dolce & Gabbana designed the Madonna’s Girlie Show tour costumes in 1993?

Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance Collection

The first Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance collection is introduced in the year 1992. The brand releases its luxury fragrances every year for both men and women. The perfume collection is incarnated with the luxury and sophistication of Italian and Mediterranean.

Throughout the Dolce & Gabbana brand history, the women’s fragrances collection gives a sensual and feminine touch while men’s perfume collection adds a charismatic, elegant and masculine feel.

Expansion of the Brand

In the year 1995, they published their book “Ten years of Dolce & Gabbana” in order to applaud the tenth anniversary of the brand. In the year 1999, the brand expanded its’ collection to target the children’s clothing market. The D&G junior is their first children’s collection which was presented at Pitti Bimbo Children’s Fashion Show in Florence. Furthermore, the first stand-alone D&G store is started in the year 2003 in Corso Venezia in Milano.

When we look into the Dolce & Gabbana brand history, it has successfully reached $500 million in sales in the 1990s. The brand could incredibly increase its sales to $633.2 million in 2003.

Problematic Dolce & Gabbana Brand History

There are a few problematic incidents that Dolce & Gabbana had encountered in recent years. The biggest issue they had to face was the racist activities they had done in the year 2018 Shanghai fashion show. But with the time they have faced all the problems strategically. The brand thrives in the current competition and competes as one of the best fashion market leaders in the world.


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