Daily Beauty Home SPA Rituals You Should Never Skip

My Top 3 Time Saving Beauty Tips for Women

Your beauty is not a thing to be sacrificed due to your busy life or a stressful quarantine time. But, of course, it is impossible to try out every beauty treatment that we desire. Therefore, we have to prioritize the must-have daily beauty home SPA rituals and give ourselves that pamper routine from which we will feel renewed and refreshed.

In this article, I am going to reveal my top five must-have daily beauty home SPA rituals you should never skip.

  • A Hydrating Face Mask

Sometimes our skin is getting constantly dry no matter how much moisturizer we apply on our faces. The solution to this problem is a product that will penetrate, glow, and hydrate our skin. I believe that a hydrating face mask is the best beauty product that you can use as a daily beauty home SPA ritual. I use a FOREO UFO led mask treatment while making a coffee or an omelet.

Daily Beauty Home SPA Rituals You Should Never Skip

FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Review

FOREO UFO is definitely a luxurious spa at-home treatment. With UFO you can achieve dazzling glow, clear skin, fresh complexion, and conquer-the-world feeling you get after visiting a beauty salon – all from the comfort of your very own living room.

foreo ufo smart mask treatment review

By using FOREO UFO you get the most of your sheet mask because of the smart technology, which are:

  • Hyper-Infusion Technology – instantly infuses serum into the deepest layers of skin, for superior results
  • Thermo-Therapy – Loosens excess sebum to facilitate extraction, resulting in smaller-looking pores
  • Cryo-Therapy – the application of cold temperatures to the face causes blood vessels to constrict, minimizing redness and reducing inflammation
  • LED Light Therapy – helps reduce the appearance of imperfections for a healthier-looking complexion
  • T-Sonic Pulsations – stimulates blood microcirculation, refreshing the look and feel of the skin.

foreo h2overdose face mask review

How to use FOREO’s UFO power mask device?

I usually use my FOREO UFO with the H2Overdose face mask. It’s an ultra-hydrating mask with a hyaluronic serum that helps to instantly plump my skin. I often test different face masks and I find that hydrating masks are always working the best on my skin even if my skin is irritated, red, or very dry.

I feel like the FOREO H2Overdose face mask replenishes the skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevents hydration loss during the day which helps me to look fresh for longer. I always remember to use my FOREO masks with the UFO led mask treatment because this is how I get the best results. Those products are designed to be used together and emphasize the effect of each other when used together. 


  • Body Cream or Lotion

The second daily beauty home SPA ritual is body lotion and creams. Because there are many benefits that you can gain by using a quality body lotion.  Some of those benefits are:

  • Rehydrate your skin.
  • Make skin glow.
  • Restore extra dry spots on your skin.
  • Add a pleasant smell to your body.

If your skin is dry, it will not give a nice overall look. You may have to wear extra layers to cover your dry arms. Maintaining a hydrated skin is very important.

  • Exfoliating & Hydrating Your Lips

Chapped lips are irritating and unpleasant. Sometimes it is painful as well!

Because we are spending a lot of time at home at the moment, the skin is getting very dry in general due to a lack of oxygen and activity. Moreover, the dry lips are also a common issue in spring because this is the season when our bodies have a leak of vitamins.

So how can we prevent this issue? I will reveal my beauty tip “exfoliating and hydrating your lips”. 

I use a sugar-based scrub as my daily beauty home SPA ritual to keep my lips soft. I mix a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of olive oil and prepare my scrub. Next, rub them on my lips to keep them hydrated. Apply a hyaluronic serum afterward and your lips will be softer than ever. 

  • Drink Still Water

The next must-have daily beauty home SPA ritual is “drink still water”. It is more of an overall health tip rather than a beauty tip. The 8 glasses per day is a common fact that we all know. Water is an essential input for our body to function well.  During the Covid-19 quarantine, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water, because it will help your body eliminate toxins and will make your immune system stronger.

But do we really drink enough water? 

Sometimes you may not drink water even though you are thirsty. Especially if you are a person who sits all day at a computer and works. I recommend you to fill a small bottle of water and put it on your desk. Refill it every time you go to the kitchen or toilet. This would help you to keep hydrated throughout the day and stay fresh. 

If we are hydrated, we can function well and become more efficient. The drinking of still water will eliminate the fatigue as well.

  • A Contrast Shower in The Morning

The final daily beauty home SPA ritual is a contrast shower in the morning. I change the temperature of the shower from hot to cold and vice versa. This helps my immune system to function well.  If you are a very active person, your muscles will easily get tired and feel fatigued. A contrast shower will prevent muscle injuries and soreness. The contrast shower also helps to stay energised which is extremely important due to the stress levels we all have at the moment. 


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  1. Norma R
    May 26, 2020 / 12:20 pm

    Cleansing and masking are two things I never skip! I’ll have to treat myself with the UFO soon because it seems amazing.

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