Crop Top Fashion Trend for Women

Crop Top Fashion Trend for Women

Are you still wondering how to style the crop top fashion trend? The first thing you have to figure out is “How much are you going to reveal your body”. Some crop tops stop right above your belly button while others stop just below the line of your bra. You have to choose one of them and start to style your selected crop tops.

First of all, the crop tops are definitely a part of a sexy wardrobe and in the “Get What You Want Easily by Revamping Your Style” online course, I recommend this style for those who like to attract attention, gather compliments and is currently looking for a boyfriend.

No matter what model of the crop top you choose, the following fashion tips will help you to get updated on the crop top fashion trend.

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Pair Your Crop Top with a Short

The first crop top fashion is to pair it with a high waisted short. It would perfectly fit for a day at the beach, shopping and even for a casual party with friends. High waisted denim shorts would be perfect along with a loose white crop top or a flared crop top.

A Maxi Skirt with A Crop Top

This crop top fashion trend would be perfect for the spring.  You can select a floral printed maxi skirt and a plain crop top. A loose, flared, full sleeves, or an off-shoulder crop top and any design would perfectly fit with a maxi skirt. Alternatively, wear a corset dress for a change. It is also a very sexy and attractive option.

Mini skirts and dresses expose your legs. Therefore, you should keep your legs well shaven and moisture at the same time. If your legs give a dry look it will negatively affect the overall appearance of you when you are wearing a mini dress.

Do not forget to carry a moisturiser in your bag and use it throughout the day when it is necessary.

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A Crop Top with Jeans

Pairing the silver crop top with jeans would be the easiest crop top fashion trend right?  Most of us own a denim jean. So pairing the jeans with a long sleeve crop top will give a decent look. Hence it would cover most parts of your body. This is a great option for the night out outfit!

Go Fully Black with Palazzo Trousers

A black crop top with a black palazzo will add a bold look to your overall appearance. This crop top outfit would be perfect for a formal meeting or as office attire if you work in the creative industry. I recommend you pair palazzo trousers with a crop top which ends right before the belly button. It would eliminate the unwanted attention towards you at the formal events.

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A Crop Top with A Pencil Skirt

Are you still wondering how you can wear a crop top to your date night? A crop top along with a pencil skirt will match perfectly. Hence it doesn’t have to be a fancy skirt. This pair would add a positive vibe to your image on a date night while giving signals of your good taste in fashion. If you like layering, wear a black lace bodysuit underneath your crop top and you will definitely get compliments!

A Denim Shirt as Crop Top

Did you know that you can simply turn a denim shirt to a crop top? But it doesn’t need to be a denim shirt. You can use one of your shirts and tie up the bottom of the shirt. It can be either a denim shirt or a cotton shirt. But if it’s a cotton shirt, I recommend you to go for a striped shirt to create this edgy crop top fashion trend outfit.

Hence you can wear your shirt as a crop top over a mini dress. It will be suitable for hanging out with friends in the evening. This pair would give you fun and ready to socialise vibe while covering all the sensitive areas of your body.

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