Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe

Coronavirus How to Stay Safe

This is a challenging time for all of us. I am starting a series of Covid 19 / Coronovirus Deasease articles to share the knowledge I have, support my readers and clients (personal coaching) during this stressful time. You have been supporting me over the 5 years running this blog. And I want to pay you back with even more useful content and my support.

If you know anyone, who will find this information useful, please share the article with them. I’d be forever grateful. Let’s build a strong community and become stronger together. 

covid 19 symptoms coronavirus symptoms

The Most Frequent Coronavirus Symptoms Are:

  • a dry cough
  • a high temperature
  • shortness of breath

At the moment, it’s very difficult to differentiate the symptoms of the regular flu and Covid 19 symptoms. Therefore, we should all self-isolate ourselves and limit the interactions as much as possible. During this challenging time  – the Coronavirus Pandemic – it’s best we prioritise our health and the health of other people around us.



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In conditions of shortage and high requirements for self-care and protection, I decided to apply my Fashion Design education and have made re-usable cotton masks. ⠀ 1. These masks are made of high quality 100% cotton, which means they will not irritate the skin and are eco-friendly. All materials including main fabric, lining, thread etc are 100% cotton. ⠀ 2. Masks are made of 4 layers: 2 layers of a very dense cotton + 2 layers of muslin cloth. ⠀ 3. The fabric was sanitised before sewing. I iron masks on a very high temperature before sending. Please wash and iron your mask before using!!! ⠀ 4. You will need 1, maximum 2 masks per 1 person, because unlike pharmacy and eBay ones, my masks can be washed and ironed at high temperature, hence can be used multiple times. ⠀ 5. Shipping is free in the UK.I can send them right away. The regular masks are out of stock in pharmacies. ⠀ I’ve got several of them made and ready to post on Monday 👌🏻 ⠀ Price £15, £40 for 3 including postage. You will end up saving money, because you can disinfect my masks unlike the rest on the market. ⠀ You can re-use them. ⠀ For every 5 sold masks, I give away 1 for free to the elderly & those who can’t afford. ⠀ Please share my info & help me to protect the community! ⠀ Send me a DM if you’d like to buy some. ⠀ @yuliya.oleynykova ⠀ #covid19 #covid_19 #coronavirus #coronaviruslondon #covid19uk #facemask

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Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe

I personally think this Coronavirus disease is a great opportunity to all of us to finally become a bit more compassionate, share the love and support and really reevaluate our values. It has been a long time the Planet is trying to change from the 3rd chakra – materialistic living – to the 4th – heart chakra – a chakra of love. How many more financial crisis and disease we need to learn how to love?

In 2014, there was a revolution in Ukraine that lead to the War, which was a reason why I moved from Ukraine to the United Kingdom. At that point of my life, seeing all the people getting killed, the government not taking care of us, not protecting us, I have learnt how to live-as-one, support each other, share food, clothes, take people to the emergency which I did because I had a car. Whilst man can fight/decide/make key decisions during the crisis, us women need to spread the love, support and compassion. And I am not being intolerant here with the role separation. I am just being realistic with what we are able to do best with nature we were born. Please don’t get me wrong.

First of all, think about how you can be useful right now for the Planet Earth and for the community you live in? Only useful/strong ones survive during the crisis. This is nature

  • Think about elderly people. How will they get essential supplies such as food and medicine? I live in a building with a lot of elderly people. Absolutely happy to go shopping for them, share food and water. I have already informed the manager of the house that they can rely on me if needs be.
  • Are you supporting and motivating your loved ones? We all are stressed at the moment. Let’s not drop the energy to the fear and desperation. Try to do meditation, yoga, focus on your body, how do you feel? Is there tension in your body? Try to release it. If you are able, do the online classes with meditation and motivational talks. Let’s lift the vibration/energy!!!
  • do you know how to cook? How to store food so that it lasts for a long time? Have talked to a few of my friends, I was surprised they have never heard of the fermented vegetables and that the food stays good in the freezer for a very long time. I was born in USSR and this comes naturally to me. People from USSR can literally survive anything, I guess 😀 So if you know simple things like that, share with your loved ones and friends.
  • Do you take vitamins? Vitamin c is a no-brainer. Start with it.
  • Do you detoxify your body? Oil pulling mouthwash helps to get rid of all the toxins that were produced overnight. Do this and you will help your liver so much. By using the oil pulling you prevent the bacteria and such of getting back into your body again. Ventilating your flat 30 minutes a few times a day, salty nose spray clears and cleanses nasal passage, eucalyptus gargle, use the Thyme essential oil in the diffuser or do the inhalation – this clears the lungs. Take a hot bath with Epsom salt. Soaking in Epsom salt also increases white blood cell production and helps the body fight illnesses quicker. And those are just a few things you can do. I can go on and on forever.



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