The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Engagement Ring


You absolutely love your engagement ring because it’s a symbol of the unique love you share with your fiancé. You want it to look beautiful and new and last as long as long as your marriage does.  That’s why you need to properly care for and clean your ring. 

What are the best ways to take proper care of handmade diamond engagement rings?

– Handle your ring with care. Always gently pick up your engagement ring by the band and not by the stone or setting. This way you won’t build up residue near the diamond.

– Protect your ring and remove it when you are cleaning around the house. The harsh chemicals found in household cleaners can erode the metal’s finish or damage weaker gemstones. Consider removing your ring when you garden too, otherwise, you might chip your ring when lugging heavy plants around.

– Use caution if you play sports or work out, especially if you swim. The cold water may cause your fingers to shrink and your ring could accidentally fall off in the pool, or if you surf in an ocean, a rough wave could literally knock it off. However, you need to be careful at the actual gym as well. You could bump the prongs of your ring if you’re continuously lifting heavy weights. Therefore, it’s smarter to leave your ring at home.

– Do your beauty routine and then put your ring back on, otherwise, your ring is getting smeared with all kinds of oils and glycolic acids from your lotion and perfume. They’ll dull the sparkle of your diamond so it’s best to remove your ring before taking your shower and put it back on after the morning beauty routine.


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– Store your ring properly. If you need to take it off, don’t just lay it on the bathroom sink or nightstand. It’s important that diamonds stay stored in their original jewellery box or pouch so they don’t scratch other pieces. Then store that away in a wooden jewellery box for safe keeping.

– Clean your ring to get rid of everyday residue. Soak it in a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water, and rub with a soft toothbrush.

– Visit your jewellery at least twice a year for ring maintenance. Even the best handmade rings need to be checked regularly if you wear them all the time.  Whether you bought your ring from collections of beautiful handmade engagement rings in Melbourne or somewhere else, only take your ring to be professionally cleaned and fixed to an expert you trust. While you can do some mild cleaning at home, let the experts do professional cleaning and inspect the prongs because you don’t want a loose diamond.

Follow these tips to keep your handmade engagement ring looking as sparkly as the day he proposed. If you ever need more information, ask your expert wedding, jeweller.


How do you take care of your engagement ring or other jewellery? Let me know in the comments section below, I would love to know.

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  1. 21 September 2016 / 1:39 PM

    Thanks for sharing these tips! They will be very useful when I get engaged. I am very clumsy, so they’ll help me especially 🙂

  2. 21 September 2016 / 4:10 PM

    Thanks for the tips! I actually take very bad care of my ring, you have inspired me to look after it a little better!
    x Emily

  3. 22 September 2016 / 11:01 PM

    I love taking my ring in for maintenance it always comes back incredibly shiny and was more sparkly than I can get it.


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