Chloe is a French brand fashion house from the 18th century

Chloe is a French brand fashion house from the 18th century

Chloe is a stylish French fashion trademark, originated by Gaby Aghion in 1952. During the subsequent year of 1953, Aghion functioned thoroughly with Jacques Lenoir, formally upholding the business’s brand business side, enabling Aghion to undertake Chloe’sdramatic expansion solely. It is situated in Paris, France.  

Among several aspects, the French fashion house Chloe is known for its feminine women’s clothing, cult-favourite bags, and fashion model-filled runways. The company has recognition for being a launching pad for some of the most prominent top designers in fashion.

Chloe bagFacts you should know about Chloe.

  • Chloe is a legendary brand. People around the world know it, and even wear this brand to worship it! Yet not too many know that it was begun in 1952 by a lady called Gaby Aghion. The company is named after Chloe Huysmans, a good friend of Aghion, who she liked to dress up.
  • Many of the top names in the fashion sphere have begun their artistic journey with Chloe. In 1966 a teenage Karl Lagerfeld was made head designer. As with Stella McCartney, Chloe transformed him into a celebrity too.
  • The founder is credited for launching the idea of ready-to-wear, quality items that could be bought off the rack. The label has often symbolized womanhood and youth.
  • Chloe handed a very much-loved Paddington pack to the planet in 2005. Chloe created one of the first It bags and sold 8,000 of them long before they reached the stores.
  • Gaby Aghion, Martine Sitbon, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and Clare Weight Keller are some of the top names that have played an enormous role in changing the game for Chloe and are still doing that.
  • Chloe gave some trendy, cultic pieces to the globe. For example, Philo’s banana top crafted for the padlock-adorned, waitlist-generating Paddington bag, the Suzannah boots, flat-soled shoe pixie-style, and much more.

Chloe has designed the best accessories so far. It is a brand that is, throughout in every sense of the word is directive and creative. Chloe’s list of designers and customers is undoubtedly A-list, from Karl Lagerfeld to Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Natalie Portman to Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo. And the brand today is attracting a whole new degree of attention underneath the artistic leadership of Natacha Ramsay-Levi.

Chloe S/S 18

Natacha extended the theme of firsts by launching the first-ever street fashion-inspired sneaker from Chloé. Renowned for its glamorous gauzy dresses, bohemian elegance, and sleek tailoring, the Parisian brand has crafted a chunky space-age sneaker. It’s a whole different path for the company, but that’s how the Sonnie sneaker’s success has gone so far that it’s been moved to next season already.

Chloé Sonnie Sneaker; Pre-fall 2018

Suzannah boots are simple shoe pixie-style with an almond-shaped toe lined with wedged belts and dozens of studs. The shoes, first released in 2008, brought back in 2012 that was due to the high demand!

Chloe is truly a remarkable brand and provides the best accessories, bags, shoes, etc. for women. It defines the free spirit of a female. And no doubt, it is highly appreciated and used by so many people out there. It has grown a lot and is still growing at a faster pace, that’s what makes Chloe a legendary label!



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