Careers You Can Pursue In The Cradles Of Civilisation

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Is work everything in life? We all know the answer to that question and it is a resounding ‘no’. Yet we do so often treat our lives as if it is. Not to say that work and working don’t matter. In fact, it allows us to live our chosen lifestyle. It allows us to live comfortably, in a heated home. Yet when we have all those things, we seem to fall back on our true aims and just be content. Why? Is it wise to drop your dreams just because you’ve got the minimum you need?wolford white bodysuit with floral print Wolford Rachel Body valentino silver clutch bag prettiest fashion blogger pollini shoes most elegant fashion bloggers minimalistic necklace silver minimalistic accessories for womenMany people do this because they know, pursuing a dream means you’re not trying to ultimately live a life that is content. It takes effort, blood, sweat, and tears to achieve the things we really want in life. We know that it’s the extra mile, the day in and day out struggle to break through and do something meaningful in life. Something that cannot be measured in salary, or how big your house is, or how flashy your car is. It’s living a life that is satisfying and makes us feel more than average. It’s a lifestyle that is partly moulded by our environment. So where are the best places to work?

More than services

The UK is going through some exciting changes at the moment but it remains the top services giant in the world. London is the trading capital of the world and financial services. However, it’s more than just services that makes London one of the greatest cities in the world. However, if you want to work in fashion, then London is always full of job opportunities as the recent fervour of Royalty in the city has helped a new wave of fashion come alive. There will always be comparisons made with Paris, but it’s certainly a less arrogant and elitist industry than across the pond. The London fashion week is gaining in popularity and starting to rival Paris’ fashion week. Around 46,000 people are employed in the fashion industry alone with around half of those jobs in London.

A hidden gem

The Japanese food scene has for a long time, been able to trump Paris for its selection of 3-star Michelin restaurants. It’s the place to be if you want to work in some of the finest restaurants in the world. If you would like to work as a chef, be prepared for a vigorous training program that emphasises quality and taking your time. The skill and attention to detail that Japanese chefs show, is partly what makes them legendary in the gastronomy world. Wagyu beef is an extremely fatty yet high-quality product that is a protected commodity for Japan. Of course, working in the sushi restaurants is to relive and taste history which important to Japanese culture.

Long-standing industries are inherently going to be incredibly fierce to get into. The fashion industry in London is not so difficult to get into compared to Paris. If you want to learn how to be one of the best chefs in the world, then training and working in Japan is the place to be.


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